Thursday, April 21, 2011

[Pix] Jung Min & Hyung Jun @ Thailand by Hyuniversal0606

Once again thanks to Hyuniversal0606 for this set of photos they have been sharing on Twitter.

Below were photos from yesterday though the last two photos of Jung Min were taken from the other day when he went shopping in Paragon.

Thanks Marvie for shoving these here.

Btw, tonight is the charity concert at Impact Arena. Then tomorrow, Hyung Jun will be flying straight to Japan while Jung Min will be heading to HK.


sinthia said...

I wonder if they are having time to do things together.^^ I'm sure they are enjoying the company of each other.. =D
They look great in this pics, thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

omg i really like Jung Min in that plaid shirt! i didn't really like his denim shirts, but for some reason, i think he looks especially good in the plaid one. XD? it's still casual & neat, but more stylish, i think. JM looks like such a fresh, cute, charming, handsome boyfriend. <3
so does anyone know where these pictures were taken? was he shopping again? i hope fans remember to give him his space. i know it's in public, but it's still his private leisure time, not a public event. (i saw some fancams that were getting too close for comfort and some grabby hands, too. ><)
hope JM and HJB enjoy their short break before the concert & their respective fanmeets!

RayeyXoXo said...

OMG! Hyung Jun is wearing that cute shirt he wore on MuHigh! Haha. And how many sunglasses is he bringing with him? :DD

Ooh~ Jung Min looks so handsome here. The last photo, FACE~ EPIC! LOL XDD

Anonymous said...

I wish I was there hehe I love HyungJun, it's NOT because of his look but I admire his personality...!

Anonymous said...

minjun!! love these two..cant wait to see a fancam of the concert!
thanks for sharing