Wednesday, April 20, 2011

[Notice from B2M] Young Saeng Injured and Solo Debut will be Postponed

Much thanks Marvie for shoving this. Likewise thanks to Ode for doing the translation on her blog.

From the notice of B2M, I am guessing that the injury must have been an old injury (from playing baseball?) and the dance routine must have aggravate it.

[INFO] B2M Notice - Young Saeng Injured and Solo Debut will be Postponed

Credit : + (English Trans.) Ode's Blog

Hello this is B2M Entertainment.

We're here to deliver a piece of sad news to all fans who have been eagerly awaiting for Heo Young Saeng release of his first mini album and his solo activities.

While practising for his choreography, Young Saeng had hurt his hands, and until he recovers from that, all of his schedules and album have decided to be postponed.

All of you guys have been eagerly awaiting for him, and for the fact that we have decided for a delay is because Young Saeng health is of utmost priority more than anything.

After diagnosis, it was known that the fracture of the back of his hands and rusture of ligaments have been ongoing for already about 4~5weeks. For that, he is currently receiving treatment. Apart from Young Saeng hands, there aren't any other health issues that he's facing for now.

We'll do all our best that we can in ensuring the recovery of Young Saeng. As for his album activities and all, we will make another notice soon after he is discharged.Once again we wish to say sorry for having worried everybody.

We hope for Young Saeng fast recovery.

*all originally arranged broadcast schedules are now in midst of adjustments

All originally arranged broadcast schedules include: RECORDING, TV BROADCAST, etc.

He will make his comeback in May.


Anonymous said...

sad but upset ...
hope saengie get better soon

Anonymous said...

OH NOOOESSSSS...........!!!!!!

WHY..???11 WHY...this accident happened to him ???111 I WAS WAITING FOR HIS SOLO DEBUT since Feb..!! T___________________T

Im so incredibly upset, I hope he gets better soon!! YoungSaeng we love youuu....

Anonymous said...

This is so sad. He was only days away from his comeback and then this happens. Hopefully he'll recover soon and doesn't get too depressed at the delay.

Anonymous said...

It can't be, OMG, was deliriously waiting for his comeback..was so anticipating. But his company did the right thing, by putting his health above all, it shows his company cares.

Anonymous said...

so, it could be possible to see leader and young saeng make a comeback around the same time... =) but still wish him to recover soon... :(

Anonymous said...

anon 5:36

well it's said that YS will make his comeback soon in May... while Leader will make his comeback in June, here's the notice from Hyun Joong himself from Japan official mobile web

2011/03/30  Hyun Joong

"Hello, this is Hyun Joong.

Recently I’m working hard for the album activities in June.

I will return to everyone with wonderful music.

Please wait a little while more^^

Cheer up and Fighting!"

Anonymous said...

OMG!!!i was so shocked when reading dis sad news...omg..although i'm a little disappointed with the delay but i hope that he get well soon n not blaming himself for the delay...i believe dat although all Triple S are anxious to see his comeback but we are more worry about your, take care n get enough rest before make your awesome comeback..

Anonymous said...

Good luck, Young Saeng ah.

sweetiecutieys said... really shocked when hear this sad news.....

why happened at this time,im really waiting for his tv programs, and of course his debut!!!!!

but saengie, i really hope u take care of ur body,just rest well...
i read from news that u mentally disturbed coz of ur injury..its ok,we will waiting for u^^

miss u soooo much!!!

poshdrive said...

As long as he recover and be well again, no matter how long I will wait...

Jung MIn's comeback was also delayed but when he came back, it was a blast! I believe the same thing will happen on Young Saeng too...

Anonymous said...

this piece of news is upsetting for me! Why? not because the album is going to be delayed but because Ys is in pain...... i mean look at the statement: - "fracture of the back of his hands and rusture of ligaments have been ongoing for already about 4~5weeks"...geez! why didnt he say anything beforehand before the situation got worse! how could he not take care of himself... please! his health is a priority and for him to take it for granted just so he ould meet his "obligation" to us fans makes me feel remorse... at the back of his mind he wants to show his most best performance for us and here he is, injured.. oh my my heart is breaking :(

I am earnestly hoping that his agency is doing the best for him... that he has the proper medical and therapy assistance provided for.