Friday, April 29, 2011

[Article] IB Times Interview with Jung Min

Much thanks Slam for this interview of IBT with Jung Min posted on her blog. This short interview is something whichis quite different from the others. Go and read.


[Trans] Park Jung Min Interview With IB Times
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Chinese ~ English Trans:
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After the contract with DSP Media has ended, during last August signed a new contract with CNR Media, developing as a solo, SS501 member Park Jung Min released his 1st solo mini album "THE, PARK JUNG MIN" on 7 Apr 2011, and went for his Asia Fanmeeting Tour and starred in Taiwan Idol drama etc different kinds of activities, sucessfully speeding up his solo activities. Currently having busy schedules in Thailand, China & Japan, Park Jung Min take some time out at a coffeehouse in Seoul Gangnam-gu, having an honest chat with IBTimes.

Initial dream was to be an actor and not a singer, Park Jung Min when accepting interviews from different media, thru his previous company recommedation, debut in the entertainment industry with the identity of a singer and actor. In this interview, he will chat about his dreams and the process of realising his dreams.

Park Jung Min said: "I heard people said before, if I can naturally go into the entertainment industry it will be just fine. But acting is just a fleeting dream. I feel that artistes often live on an alternative lives." Even though his parents were against his 1st audition during his sixth grade, he did not really went thru any activities, however after this opportunity, making Park Jung Min starting to have this [I can also be an artiste] kinda wish and starting to realise his own dreams.

During his 2nd year in college, Park Jung Min 1st time set foot into the Manager company in such places. However, he did not have any financial support during that time so he did not any mentors with the average being an entertainment company will provide training in different companies, defrauded course fees for 4 months. He said: "Seems to be that it has become a development opportunity", "During that time, I met up with the students who have the same dreams want to be a star. That school is located in Apgujeong, everyday went to the school, but also received a lot of audition opportunities." The korean born star Park Jung Min who have fans other than in Japan, Taiwan, China, Turkey and Arabia etc continued blissfully: "I really never thought that I will have turkish fans, the fans in Turkey really hope to see me performing, and I had received an invitation from the Turkish embassy."

Although he received a lot of love from fans, but eversince he debut in 2005, he doesnt even have a girlfriend even once. "Although there is something, but talking about affairs of the heart, there is nothing. Need to create this sweetheart out." Park Jung Min said smilingly. His ideal will be the "bang bang" kinda humourous girl.

Park Jung Min confidently states: "I feel that guys should have the courage to act when there is a need or when problems arises; when there are times when the girl is having a hard time, be there to protect her, just like how I protect my family and my sister giving them the strength they need." Especially because that is the friendship and support given by the fans and family.

Even though Park Jung Min exudes charisma with his conscientious working attitude, but when facing his good friends and family, he will show a playful and cute side of him. He is very thankful to the continuous support and aid from fans. He pointed: "Due to my good memory, I can always remember my fans, especially those who frequently come (to support me)", can see he show special care to his fans. He shows his gratitude when received the love, embarked towards his dreams, Park Jung Min, just like what he claim to be, is a "BEAUTIFUL YOUTH".


Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing, cllslam10 & liezle!
I find it funny that a kpop idol interview is in "International Business Times". XD They should have talked about his Royal Avenue business, too.
But this was interesting. I'm surprised Jung Min hasn't had at least 1 serious relationship since debut. Better get a move on if you want to be a daddy, JM! ;D
I'm glad JM is fulfilling his dreams of becoming an actor, but I'm even more glad that he became a singer because his voice is just too amazing. <3

Anonymous said...

Also, I love what he said about protecting those he loves (without sounding sexist with the "protect the little lady housewife" thing).
And I LOVE that photo. *o*

sinthia said...

I loved this interview! thank you for posting here. =D