Friday, April 29, 2011

[Vid] Another Invite from Kyu Jong for Musical 'Goong'

Another invite from the musical 'Goong' which will start running in Kyoto in June with Kyu Jong as the lead is out. Much thanks to HappySS501_Boys for tweeting it and posting on her blog. Much thanks as well to wangjanim for sharing the vid on their site.

[Trans] Kyu Jong Invite to 'Goong'
source : 안녕,왕자님 (
Korean to English translation :

Hello Everyone. I'm Kim Kyu Jong.
I was cast as a leading role of Musical Goong which will be performed at MinamiJwa in Kyoto in June.
I'm very honored and happy to join Goong which is loved as a TV drama and Musical.
Please look forward to Musical Goong.
See you in Kyoto in June!

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If you missed the earlier invite, you may click HERE.

Btw, this video has been circulating since this morning and I now got the chance to post it here. This is a vid of Kyu Jong at the rehearsal/script reading of the musical which came from , the official YT channel of musical Goong.

Thanks to veggiedelight for the tip.

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Anonymous said...

Kyu Jong Fighting!!!!!

Can anyone share if all the cast members are Korean or they have some Japanese actors/actress in this play as well....

Kyu Jong is good with his japanese but i guess the lesson he's taking is to level up his japanese skills as well as theatrical acting

thanks for sharing:)