Saturday, April 16, 2011

[Pix] Hyun Joong @ 5th Peace Star Cup by Murderer Q 110415

Nicely taken photos from MurdererQ... thank you! Her photos are really always something to look forward too.

My favorite pix from this set is when Hyun Joong was with his little bro in 'Playful Kiss'. Remember that cute little boy? That's him with him in two pictures below.

Heaps of thanks Marvie for sharing this set of photos here.

Credit : Murderer Q


Anonymous said...

The boy in black track suit w/Joongie.. is he Baek Sun Jo little brother???? If he is, he give him a support for his hyung... yaayyy!!!

Anonymous said...

anon above.. yes, that is lil eun jo! so cute! the baek brothers reunited!

Chara said...

Wah! SMILING Leader! COOL!

Anonymous said...

Very nice photos! Seem like all of Leader's super shutterbugs from all over Asia, Hongkong China Thailand..., were there at the game. Impressive!

sinthia said...

He looks so handsome!^^

Surapee said...

He just so Handsome so manly and so cool. He is a very good soccer player I can,t beleive he is such a good player. He is very talent indeed.
I also like the way he treat the little boy . He is really a cool brother.

Love you more evryday Kim Hyun Joong.