Monday, April 25, 2011

[Article] Another Kind Hearted Seoul : Kim Kyu Jong

I finally get to read something about this ambassadorship of Kyu Jong. Thanks to xiaochu for sharing her translation on Quainte501.

Another kind hearted artist who is a good example to everyone. A prince with a pure heart.


[news] SS501 Kim KyuJong, Extending Prince’s Soft Hands
Credits : + Photos from Heart Heart Foundation + (English Translation) xiaochu @


Group SS501’s member Kim KyuJong started his sharing/charity activities with his appointment as the ambassador of ‘Heart Heart Foundation’.

Kim KyuJong volunteered for a welfare activity at an animal shelter last winter together with Lee Hyori and his group member Heo YoungSaeng. He took up the appointment to be the ambassador in order actively return the love he received from his fans.

Kim KyuJong, who was recently casted for the role of the main lead prince for musical ‘Goong’, is busy with his practices for the musical as well as being a featuring artiste in SS501 member Heo YoungSaeng’s solo debut album.

Kim KyuJong said with regards to his volunteer work “I didn’t do it because I used to think that since I’m a public figure, it is an embarrassment to be recognized. It is always weighing on my mind, and now that I have the chance to take part to be the ambassador of ‘Heart Heart Foundation’, I am really excited and will be participating actively on the sharing/charity activities.” He also suggested fans’ participation.

Kim KyuJong will be personally preparing food for undernourished children under the ‘Warm Meals’ campaign, and will be participating in the sharing/charity performance of Heart Heart Orchestra, the very first of its kind, which is made up of developmental disabled youths. Besides that, he will also be providing support to other poor countries, and the fans will also be able to participate in other charity works together with Heart Heart Foundation.


Anonymous said...

Wow! Kyu Yong, indeed he's a prince with a kind heart. Definitely happy to read he'll be involved in such activities, giving and sharing love.
KyuJong fighting...

Anonymous said...

I always know Kyu Jong is a good hearted man! He's my favorite member after Hyung Jun! Normally fangirls only like members base on their looks but I prefer a soft hearted man like Hyung Jun and Kyu Jong..!

I wish KyuJong do well with his charity work and musical "Goong" I hope more people get to know him with his activities..

Anonymous said...

@ anon 5:31: Don't mean any thing but personaly, I think Baby and Kyu's looks beat the other 3 ;)). Arggggg, they (all 5) kind of have it all, look and heart...

Anonymous said...

i agree with 6:31, all 5 have (very) good looks and kind hearts. SS501 are as beautiful on the inside as they are on the outside. that's why we love them. <3

this sounds like a wonderful organization, and i'm happy Kyu Jong will take part in such worthy causes. very inspiring.
thank you for the article, xiaochu & liezle!

by the way, i read that Jung Min will also be made an ambassador? first by the UN-OHRLL (for healing through music) at the Friend's Whistle charity concert on 4/28-29, and then by Incheon (for tourism) on 4/30 (i think).

pengfoo said...

I also love what Hyun Joong does with his various charity contributions within Korea which extend to beyond national boundaries.
He even makes his work and play involve charity work and contribution of some kind and with his own personal participation, no less !
He has influenced his supporters and fans to make their own contributions to charity as well and this is perhaps the greatest positive. His awakening of people to do meaningful charity work hands-on and make money contributions is phenomenal.
I guess all the members of SS501 are ambassadors for charity.

Anonymous said...

lol please stop bringing your bias, I know he's publicaly donating money for Japan and doing charity this is KyuJong's article.

I know five of them are young men with gold heart

I watched Hyung Jun's charity video last year, he's encouraging people to help poor children around the world, well no one was posting Hyung Jun's charity video in their blogs..

Anonymous said...

Poor kyu jong he cant even have limelight in his own column without the other three biases fan butting in with inciting comments.I am just like been there seen that and i know that this will not end and will go on and on alast i have to endure it for the love of patience is running thin when can i see them 5 on stage again and to make fans see that the 5 of them are all good but not us among fans.Sorry for the ramble so early in the morn..

Have a good day and be good.

Anonymous said...

i'm sorry, i didn't mean to take the focus away from Kyu Jong; i just wanted to share the news on Jung Min as well because those articles hadn't been translated yet. =/ i really am proud of KJ!

as long as we don't turn this into a competition or a place to "brag" about your bias being so good, i don't think there's anything wrong with fangirling about all of SS501 being such kind-hearted guys. we're all proud to be TripleS. ^^

Anonymous said...

I have been following this blog for quite a while and i notice that Hyun joong ,hyun jun and junmin has the most protectives fans.

Sometimes we didnt realise that our innocent/well meant comment can turn into something competitive for them.Is it because of our overzealous support for the most popular that some felt the need to prove that the other members are better as well.I wonder when does all this went wrong but i think i have to stop here cause like it said this is kyu moment and dont want to spoilt it.

kim kyu jong fighting!!
Kim kyu jong manse!!

Anonymous said...

i wasn't trying to prove that my bias (JM) was better. i really was just trying to share recent news with everyone (which i would do even if it wasn't my bias). at least i talked about and praised KJ (my 2nd fav), instead of just bringing up old info about my bias and his accomplishments. >_>; and KJ gets lots of support besides the comments on this one blog.

no offense, but i think it's actually your comments that is making this more serious than it is. what do you mean, "when did all this go wrong?" no need to get upset just because we mention other members (as long as we don't ONLY talk about another member or compare or bash others).

SS501 fighting! TripleS peace~

pengfoo said...

Since this blog is about Kyu,I guess I must say sorry to him. I didn't mean to steal his thunder. He is I know, a sweet and lovable guy.

Kudos to him and all the other boys for their incredible support for charity!

No apologies though for defending my "bias" as I sensed an insinuation of a slight somewhere. I was also more sensitive as I have had a vile day. What can I say?
The devil made me do it! hahaha...

Well if you want to bash me, ouch, you know who I am and where to find me.
pengfoo, over and out...

Anonymous said...

this is why i love Triple S. there is no bashing here, just respectful disagreement and polite discussion. the point is, we all have a LOT of love and admiration for all our guys and their charitable hearts. let's just support them and follow their good example by supporting good causes, too. SS501 + Triple S mansae!

ping0119 said...

agree with anon 9:12 PM,
ALL 5 have good looks and kind hearts.
ALL 5 are as beautiful on the inside as they are on the outside. that's why we love them. <3

the last the boys want is Triple S having any bashing among ourselves. it would hurt them :(

Triple S & SS501 만만세!!!