Saturday, April 16, 2011

Kim Hyung Jun in MTV’s “The Show” music program! 110416

Imane, thank you for posting this here.

Though I've seen Hyung Jun performing this many times, this catchy song still doesn't bore me. Love 'oH! aH!' and just love how Hyung Jun is looking so dashing at the MTV 'The Show'.

credit oumae18/allkpop


Anonymous said...

his performance is getting better and he's getting more handsome..!! Love him in that classy outfit!

Anonymous said...

really great to see him perform again! and yes, he looks so handsome in that suit.
but the camera/editing is -_-;;

Anonymous said...

So good to see him perform again. Can't wait for his new single in May. Hopefully he'll perform in music shows then too.

sinthia said...

I feel like he is more relaxed now... his performance is becoming better because he is showing us his bright side and he's more confident now. I love when he wears suits, I think it really fits him... he looks gorgeous!! *________*
Thanks for the link!!