Tuesday, April 26, 2011

[Pix] Hyung Jun @ Gimpo Airport Arrival from Japan 110425

Hyung Jun is back to Seoul from Japan. Geez, Jung Min and Hyung Jun have been working non-stop these past few days. Hope that they'll get to have a few days of rest before they tackle again another busy schedule.

Thanks Marvie for sharing this set of photos from ohjuny.com.

Credit : ohjuny.com


Anonymous said...

I wonder what is he doing in Japan..?? No news or fancam about his activity there..

Anonymous said...

Hyung Jun began his Asia fanmeeting tour with fanmeets in Nagoya and Osaka. He tweeted photos from backstage. There are never many fancams from Japan; they're more strict.

Thanks for sharing, marvie/liezle. Hyung Jun looks cute. I like his tee! I wonder what's next on his schedule?

Anonymous said...

@ 6:19
As far as I remember when Jung Min was holding the fanmeeting in Japan, there were fancams and news of him, fro example like Valentine's Day with Park Jung Min in Japan.

Anonymous said...

Um, good point. ^^; I should say, there are usually less fanpix/fancams from Japan events. XD; Even Jung Min ones, although Hyung Jun seems to be even more sparse. Maybe his fans are more protective? But it's still early, we'll probably see goodies soon. ^^