Monday, April 25, 2011

[Pix] Park Jung Min @ HK Fan Signing 04.24.11

I was able to go to Jung Min's fan signing event yesterday together with a friend from US. The venue was quite far though but still we managed to be there by taking the cab and was able to get a good place. We didn't had the chance to have his signature though but was able to managed to see him 2 1/2 hours with fun and excitement. I took over 1,300 shots of him but will only posting this set as there are really so many and so difficult for me to put watermark. Really enjoyed having to click my shutter and capture Jung Min. All frustrations from the fan meeting of being restricted to take photos were all gone when I finally had my chance to click click away. I will do my fan account later, meanwhile, I will just be sharing this set.

Not a good shot bec everyone got so excited and when he arrived
and I cannot get a steady hand.

Before playing a game with fans, Jung Min was asked
to draw on the easter egg.

Lucky fans and the winner with 2 eggs.
She gets Jung Min's easter egg.

Media all over him for interview.

Still being interview, but he is making fun
by doing hide and seek with photogs.

Start of autograph signing.

Message to fans


Anonymous said...

thank you so much for sharing your pix, liezle! JM is looking perfect! ><
i adore his "touched" Egg, so cute! and i love when JM played hide-and-seek (though from the fancams, i thought he was doing it for the fans..?)
his smile kills me!
looking forward to your fanaccount~ thanks, liezle!

sinthia said...

Thank you very much for sharing your photos Liezle!! I can see it was another fabulous fanmeeting. I'm sure all the fans had so much fun! He looks so handsome in all the photos!I'm looking forward to your account, I'm can't wait to know each little detail of this.^-^

younique_snz said...

eventhough u can't have his signature,u're lucky enough to hav seen him live...i'm so jealous of u...