Sunday, April 17, 2011

04.16.11 S/Tweet Treats

I failed to post this tweets by xiaochu on Quainte501. Better late than never. ^_^


[Trans] 04.16.11 S/Tweet Treats

Korean to English translation by xiaochu @

2011-04-16 @ 6:17 PM
2kjdream Actor_ParkJiBin JiBin-ah, so you're bored on a weekend!!!? heehee Shall we go and bully uncle YoungSaeng soon?!! heehee Weather is very good ~~

2011-04-16 @ 6:26 PM
Actor_ParkJiBin @2kjdream kekeke hyung, I am here now to bully YoungSaeng hyung kekeke Weather is good and it's a weekend, what are you doing hyung~


Anonymous said...

LOL UNCLE YOUNGSAENG!! saengie must be really depressed because kyujong and jibin keeps calling him old. please, saengie is only 3 mths older than kyu!!

Anonymous said...

lol.... hayyyyy, Kyu teasing his hyung :) he knows how to tick him lol... Ys must be under a lot of pressure now that his solo act is nearing and his sweet dongsaengs trying to distract him a little... is there any official announcement from B2M about this? (A)

thanks xiaochu and liezle :)