Saturday, April 23, 2011

[Article] Jung Min worried about fans getting injured

Super heaps of thanks to rainaftershine for sharing this translation on her blog.

I think for everyone's safety all of use should restrain ourselves from being too near the idols. I believe securities are also just doing their job to protect our idols. But also it's not a reason for the security to shove fans rudely. It's a give and take situation. Everyone should now their limit.


[News] Park Jung Min complained about the security, worried for his fans getting injured
From: 明报 (MingPao)
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Park Jung Min used 15 minutes to board the van,
before leaving, he waved and greet everyone.

Park Jung Min still kept his smile despite the chaotic scene.

South Korean popular group SS501 member Park Jung Min raided Hong Kong for 3 days, promoting his solo album , his arrival yesterday attracted hundred over fans, causing a chaos in the airport, many fans fell down, it was embarrassing; While Park Jung Min was protected by the securities, he could not also stand still, he was worried about his fans getting injured, and expressed dissatisfaction with the security.

Park Jung Min arrived at 12:20pm, there were already hundreds over fans waiting for him, holding onto the placards and gifts ready to pick him from the airport. 5 securities who were 7-foot tall were arranged to protect Park Jung Min, fans crowded him and escorted him out. During the chaos, 2 groups of fans slipped and fell, Park Jung Min almost fell down too, but he was already in a shocked, slowly showing his worried look and also concerns about the safety of his fans. Park Jung Min patted the security, he seems a bit unhappy of the security approach.

Fans tried to give their gifts to Park Jung Min, he took as many as he could. As a result, 15 minutes were used just for the short distance to board the van.

Park Jung Min went to Japan and Taiwan to promote, he will be holding his fan-party in Hong Kong this evening, and he will also attend the autograph session tomorrow so as to have close contact with the fans.


Anonymous said...

why were there no barricades set up, that's the thing.

Anonymous said...

funny, these guys (organizers) never learn from the mistake. when ss501 was in HK last time they couldn't move at all at the airport, were cornered and jungmin as a result was separated from the group. and today still the same! pls learn! this is not joking matter.

Anonymous said...

scary. . scary. .triple s do know how to keep their distance from the boys if there are barricades . .we are always always orderly,right. .? so cant really blame them for crowding over jung min seizing the opportunity without barricades this time to get up close to mal. .

Anonymous said...

uhh. .and security really sucks. .

Anonymous said...

yeah, security sucks. i was frightened for both JM's safety as well as the safety of the fans just watching the videos of his arrival. they're dumb for not putting up barricades.