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[Fan Acct & Photos] PJM Fan Meeting Fun Party in HK 04.23.11

Finally photos of Jung Min from Fan Meeting Fun Party in HK surfaced. Much thanks to Enaminnie for emailing me this set of photos from Park Kaen Di lifted from

Alright, before I end this post, let me share with you in brief my fan account.

Anyway, we were lucky enough to be seated on the 8th row I think and at the middle. If only I could really use m my camera I would have taken some really nice shots of Jung Min who was looking so handsome that night.

Jung Min never failed to give the best fan service. Every fans who went up the stage had certainly will treasure the moment they had on stage. Amongst those lucky fans I think the best was the one who got to have 15 seconds hug from Jung Min. I was soooooooooooooo envious of her.

During the whole fan meeting Jung Min changed wardrobe twic, sang 5 songs and played drawing contests, dance contest and multiple questions with fans.

Songs that Jung Min sang are as follows:

1. If You Cannot
2. Everyday is Christmas
3. Do You Know
4. Tong Hou (a Chinese popular song)
5. As Tears as Falling.

I was waiting for some fast songs to come out but he never sang any. I was a bit disappointed. Well, friends said that they think Jung Min was not feeling well. Actually he coughed several times on stage.

Games with fans are always fun. All fans who went on stage were so lucky to get a hug from Jung Min. Others get luckier with a butt bump and other sweet stuff from Jung Min. Winners are 501% luckier to get extras from Jung Min like, 15 seconds hug, 15 seconds stare, selca, bride like carry and more.

First game that was played was the dance to the chorus of Not Alone. I know the winner of this segment is she is sooo lucky as she's really a HUGE fan of Jung Min. Second game was the drawing contest. Winners get to have Jung Min's drawing with his siggy. Jung Min's showed his talent in drawing and I really like how he interpreted Not Alone, Everyday Is Christmas and Tears of Happiness. Last game was multiple choice questions on how well do you know PJM. I will try to remember the questions later and will just add here. ^_^ Miane, really getting old.

The FM lasted for 2 hours and time really fly so fast when you are having a great time.

After the FM we were asked to leave the venue and return in group of 10 for the photo op with JM. Our group is number 21.

When it was our time, I wasn't that lucky enough to be on Jung Min's side but I was 2nd to his left. I felt his hand though on my shoulder but it slipped down to my back. But that moment felt wonderful and was really giddy. Just thinking about it now makes me giddy again.

Btw, thanks to Susanna (HK) for helping us out with our tickets. Heaps of thanks as well to blancbelle and Slam (SG) for the wonderful 4 nights and 5 days. Thanks too to Sandra (US), if not for her I won't be able to go to the fan signing event. Glad that she sent me SMS after the FM. At the fan signing event, I really had a wonderful time clicking the shutter and taking photos of Jung Min and Ranka-Chan. All the frustration of not taking photos from the FM was somehow forgotten. ^^

I'd like to thank as well carolnkj (SG) as well for spending time with me after the fan signing event. Met her on the first day and was with her on the third day and fourth day. Time spent with her was fun. Happy to meet MarCharisma (HK), Lancy(HK), Enaminnie(HK), OnlyMin (BKK), Lestari(HK), chobeeSS501 (BKK), Candy (TW) and so many fans from other countries which I cannot remember names (sorry I am really bad in remembering names). Until the next event again. ^_^

P.S. Just in case the ladies from Shanghai who were so nice to share their spot and Apple, xiao ying and the other lady from HK that I met are visiting my blog, I'll be sending your photos later.

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Anonymous said...

liezle, thank you for sharing your fanaccount!
JM really did look extra handsome from those photos. ^^

oh, his first performance of "As Tears Flow"! i love when he sings ballads. <3
but i do feel kinda disappointed for fans, too, when he doesn't perform "Not Alone". didn't they say it's because the stages are too small for all the dancers? i think a solo dance or even just him singing the song would be enough for fans, right? at least he does a bit for the game. ^^;

here's news clip from the fanmeet:
i nearly died of envy watching that super long, wonderfully warm and sweet hug! so lucky!

may i ask how he drew "Not Alone", "Everyday Is Christmas", and "Tears of Happiness"? thanks, liezle!