Tuesday, April 19, 2011

04.18.11 S/Tweet Treats

Monday's tweets are here. ^_^

b2ment's tweets are all so interesting and i am liking him because he tweets a lot about Kyu Jong and Young Saeng. Check the translation of his tweeets as well Kyu Jong and Young Saeng as translated by xiaochu over at Quainte501.

[Trans] 04.18.11 S/Tweet Treats

Korean to English translation by xiaochu @ Quainte501.com

Re-post with full credits

2011-04-18 @ 12:11 AM
jjjjjin2yo @2kjdream Kim KyuJong musical Hwaiting too!!ke

2011-04-18 @ 5:12 PM
mystyle1103 @boxjoon Starking..I will be attending in 1 weeks' time too~~ TT TT It'll be great if we can attend together TT

2011-04-18 @ 8:21 PM
b2ment Hello. Did you have a vibrant Monday? I am making a quiz before uploading the photos for everyone today heehee @ mention me and you can look forward to today^^. What is the similarities among the 2 photos below? http://yfrog.com/gylh5eoj http://yfrog.com/hsawrzsj

2011-04-18 @ 9:26 PM
b2ment Due to the lack of mention from everyone, the photo update storm will be postponed to later. This is the time when we need your encouragement and ever attention and support T T

2011-04-18 @ 9:42 PM
b2ment Maybe it's due to the rain in Seoul today that it's also raining in my heart~~~^^ I must keep my promise^^ This is part of the shots during the shooting for the revamp of KyuJong's homepage~~ KyuJong is also going to restart his activities with a new homepage~~~~ http://yfrog.com/hstlgsaj http://yfrog.com/h7q0ewoj

2011-04-18 @ 9:47 PM
b2ment This is Heo YoungSaeng in the midst of practicing his dance choreography in the dance practice room. This is the office and it is of a different place from the photo last time~~. yfrog.com/h27ejxnj yfrog.com/h7tm7roj yfrog.com/

2011-04-18 @ 9:53 PM
b2ment This time is his look at the waiting room during shooting of the teaser. I said before that we will keep it a secret until its first broadcast right? Please wait for it until then~~^^ yfrog.com/hswliakj yfrog.com/gyaseglj

2011-04-18 @ 10:03 PM
b2ment This is a shot where Team Leader Jeon was playing with YoungSaeng who was bored during the filming. What is the paper that was stuck onto YoungSaeng's clothes? Went to check it out and found that it is as below (photo). For your reference, please don't think this is uploaded to scare fans. Sorry~~~ http://yfrog.com/hsbytolj http://yfrog.com/gy40ihrj

2011-04-18 @ 10:11 PM
b2ment Thank you for your ever attention and love. We made our storm update. Students who are having their mid-term exams soon, please do well and unnie noona oppa hyung-ah Eemo, Gomo, eomma, appa, everyone in the world who have tiring work schedules that feels like 25 months and 26 months, please look at our guys and have a lively week ahead~~~!

2011-04-18 @ 11:59 PM mystyle1103 @b2ment That's why I took my revenge!!keke yfrog.com/h2j00eqj

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