Tuesday, April 19, 2011

[News] SS501’s Jung Min & Hyung Jun Zipping Off to Thailand

Again I was busy the whole to finish some stuff before I take my vacation and play. Much thanks to Marvie for shoving this news here from AKP. I am looking forward to see more photos of the two.


SS501’s Park Jung Min and Kim Hyung Jun Show off their Close Friendship
courtesy of chloejn / AllKpop

SS501’s Park Jung Min and Kim Hyung Jun took a few proof shots of their close friendship.

On April 19th, Kim Hyung Jun tweeted,

“MinJun couple is going to Thailand. We will go and come back well.“

Soon after Park Jung Min also tweeted,

“Taking selcas with Hyung Jun“

In the photos, the two are found sitting next to eachother with excited facial expressions.

Netizens have responded, “It’s good to always see that the two of you have a close friendship!” “MinJun couple go go!” “Have a safe trip!” and “Your smiles are so cute”

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Anonymous said...

thanks for this happy news!!!!

i wish to see the 5 of them meet random and openly show-off their close friendship and loyalty to dispell rumours of break-up or bad-blood amongst members