Tuesday, April 26, 2011

[Article] Young Saeng Kept His Promise

I guess there is no stopping Young Saeng for doing this recording. Anyway, I am sure he was well taken cared of during recording and gained a lot of respect from colleagues for his determination.

Much thanks to Slam for doing the translation of this article on her blog.


[Trans] SS501 Heo Young Saeng "Fighting Spirit in Cast" Stick To Promise
Source: Nate Korean
Chinese Trans: 唯爱HS@HSC Chinese
English Trans: http://cllslam10.blogspot.com

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Even though he is injured and is on cast, he still stick to his promise record "RUNNING MAN". On 25 Apr, Heo Young Saeng participated in Happy Sunday "RUNNING MAN" recording at Seoul SBS Lobby. On 19 Apr, he accidentally injured the back of his hand while practicing for his dance which caused the release of his album to be delayed, insisted to keep his recording appointment for "RUNNING MAN".

His company B2M stated "The doctor did warn him to wait for his hand to be fully recovered and to restraint from outside activities." But because he want to keep to his promise for the agreed schedule as before thus he proceeded with the recording. Thus the production team and the artistes gave Young Saeng very high evaluation for coming to record with his bandaged cast on.

Heo Young Saeng's raid gave a reversal effect. Him in a bandaged cast making all the artistes panic. Even though injured, he still do not bother to hide himself and still struggled alone making Young Saeng shone brightly.

Heo Young Saeng initially is going to start his solo activities on the 28 Apr. But due to the state of his injuries, there is no choice but to delay his activities. Fortunately, his recovery is fast thus they have schedule him to do his comeback at around mid May, and to re-adjust his schedule.

Heo Young Saeng solo album songs will be produced by Han Jae Ho & Kim Sung Su who have produced Kara's Lupin, Honey & Mister, and also the strong friendship which was forged during SS501 days with Steven Lee who has produced the dance song "LET IT GO" which will be the main hit song for the album.

Heo Young Saeng's "RUNNING MAN" will be broadcast on 8 May.


Anonymous said...

although i'm extremely worried about YS, i gotta admire his work ethic, fighting spirit, and downright spunk. ^^;
does that mean the other players are afraid to hurt him so they're gentler with him? there's one advantage, i guess. :P
mid-May is still sooner than i'd like for him, but if the doctor says it's okay, i'll look forward to YS's comeback.
thanks very much for the article, cllslam10!

Chara said...

:-) Just YoungSaeng... unstoppable. I guess...


Anonymous said...

Cool! unbelievable!

But hey, let me clarify this, it was YoungSaeng's inititative and desire to show-up with the running man taping right? I mean, im on the cautious side here, since B2M people used to be DSP people and history says how DSP treats their artistes like show up or else..... do you follow....

I just really wish that YoungSaeng would take care of himself first....though this kinda make him more attractive to me (girly gush)

thanks for the update

sinthia said...

I'm happy reading he is recovering fast.^^ He is really a strong man!