Friday, April 29, 2011

[Trans] Hyun Joong's Message on Japan Official Mobile Site

Heaps of thanks to miyo of LoveKimHyunJoong for doing the translation of Hyun Joong's Japanese message of the LKHJ forum.

May 2 we all look forward to Hyun Joong's visit to Japan once again for Playful Kiss promotion. Then, very soon we anticipate the coming of his album.

[Trans] JOM : Hello, this is Hyun Joong

Source: KHJ Japan Official Mobile Site
Japanese~English Translation: miyo

Hello, this is Hyun Joong
2011/04/29  Hyun Joong

I will go to Osaka on 2nd May.
I’m going for the Playful Kiss promotion event, it’s been while since I’ve been to Osaka and I’m feeling excited.
In Osaka, I want to eat Takoyaki(ball-shaped dumpling filled with baby octopus) and of course I also want to eat Gyu-don (Beef bowl) too.
Japanese fans will be seeing me in my short hair. Do not be surprised at the style that you are not used to see.
Recently I’m into sports and my body frame has become bigger… From now onwards, I would be showing everyone the manly feeling.
In June (at Korea), we are planning a showcase for the sales of the album, please look forward to it.
The choreography, jacket etc for the album…. all parts have been taken with care one by one so please take your time to look at it.
After May has passed and when June comes, let’s fly up together once more.
At that time, I will bring the album to visit Japan so please look forward to it.
Please be live well and smile happily. Thank you.


Joyce Choong said...

While most of us were busy witnessing the Royal Wedding, Liezle spent the time posting this. Thanks. That's good news and I can feel Hyun Joong Ssi's renewed energy and spirit. Don't forget us, your non Japanese and Korean fans too, Hyun Joong Ssi. Please have a showcase for the new album in other parts of world too. Kamsahamnida.

Anonymous said...

So fan can see Hyun Joong soon.
Good luck.

Anonymous said...

Hyunjoongshi looking forward to your new album.Very excited how you are going to be presenting your comeback.Goog luck.

Anonymous said...

Can't wait for his solo album!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm very excited !
Hyun Joong fighting !