Sunday, April 17, 2011

[Fan Made] 'Goong' Video

Just saw this tweeted by xiaochu. It's the teaser for the musical 'Goong' which will go on stage in Kyoto, Japan starting June which starts Kyu Jong.

Was informed by Denise on the comment box that this is a fan made vid of TivonaHu. Much thanks to for the upload in YT.


Anonymous said...

um, this is a fan-made teaser, isn't it? not official? whatever, it's great! XD

liezle said...

Hi 6:35. Actually not sure too. ^_^ Don't have time to check anymore so i just posted.


Anonymous said...

Its a fanmade vid by TivonaHu ^^!


liezle said...

Thanks Denise. Will edit my post then. ^^

Anonymous said...

yes this is a fanmade vid..the one who made this is the same who made YS comeback teaser.. TivonaHu.

Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing this fanmade vids Liezle.... tivonahu you rock!the vids are cool and interesting :)

my prince kyu!!!!!!