Monday, April 18, 2011

[Vid] Pop in Seoul Featured Kim Hyung Jun 04.16.11

I actually forgot to post this yesterday. Thanks to veggiedelight for the email to remind me to hit the publish button. ^_^ Likewise thanks to for the upload in YT.

For those who still haven't seen this watch it now. I enjoyed watching this as Hyung Jun gave spontaneous answers, looking good and seems very relax as it's KARA's Ji Yeon cousin who is interviewing him. I just hope that others won't put again malice to his answers. I am really looking forward to Kim brothers collaboration. I hope that it'll be soon.

By April, Hyung Jun will be done with his Korean activities then will proceed with his activities in Asia. So guys do look forward for his schedule. I read on Twitter that he'll be going to Singapore in June. ^^


Anonymous said...

Hyung Jun was really charming on this show. He seemed so at ease and looked like he was really enjoying himself.

Faith Quah said...

Hi Liezle, thank you for posting this. I really enjoy watch this. Hyung Jun is really adorable heehehe^^