Saturday, April 23, 2011

[Vid] Jung Min's Arrival @ Hong Kong Airport by MingPao News 110422

Thanks again Marvie for sharing this. There were many fans at the airport to welcome him but security wasn't tight enough. The scene looks scary from the video. Hope they'll something about this next time for the safety of not only the idol but also the fans.

After JM was whisked from the airport, if may information is correct, he was taken to the venue right away. Then proceed to the hotel after which there was a press conference. We still haven't heard much on what happened yesterday all we know is that security was strict. Hope later we get to read some articles about the presscon.

Credit : yyy148b@youtube

Later tonight at 8pm is the fan meeting party. I am excited. ^^


Anonymous said...

how come the fans get to get so close like that, jungmin almost got trampled on. the place looks so disorganized and chaotic. when he was in singapore, everyone had to stand behind a barricade at the airport, there isn't such rule in HK? the organizers should do more to ensure his safety.

Anonymous said...

i agree, this is too chaotic. Jung Min almost fell over! not only should the organizers do more, but the fans should also be more orderly.

Anonymous said...

you can't blame the fans, or expect them to behave. this is not the 1st time already, rem when SS501 went to HK some years back they were cornered at the airport and couldn't move at all. jungmin was separated from the group. and til' today, they never learn. wth is this?

Anonymous said...

well, since this is Triple S, i think it's fair to expect fans to behave. ^^;
when SS501 went to HK, there were just too many fans clogging up all the exits, but this time it's not the number of fans but the way they all crowded around JM as he walked.
it's okay to walk close to the boys but usually a couple of meters space around them is best. but i understand wanting to get as close as possible, and the fans closest probably got pushed forward by all the fans behind them so they couldn't keep the safe distance even if they wanted to.
so yes, there was a problem with security, but fans should also try to restrain themselves and not crush one another or their idol and the guards. please? ^^