Tuesday, April 26, 2011

[Vid] Jung Min's Message to HK Fans

Thanks to for uploading this video on YT and to Enaminnie for the tweet. Jung Min said that he will be back to HongKong. Please see brief translation below.

Here's brief translation. I will replace this when I find the correct one.

Hello everybody (Cantonese) Hello everybody (Mandarin) This is Park Jung Min.
I have felt all the enthusiasm! I will return to Hong Kong in the future and will work hard. Please continue to support Jung Min, you know? Bye Bye.

Video courtesy of Sony Music Entertainment Hong Kong post on Facebook

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Anonymous said...

i say this all the time but, he's so cute all the time. =)
i admire how he is always so genuinely cheerful and affectionate even after some crazy encounters. "enthusiasm" is a nice way to put it. ^^;