Sunday, April 24, 2011

[Pix] Jung Min's Arrival @ HK Airport by PJMIFC

Heaps of thanks Connie of PJM International FC for sharing this set of photos of JM from HKIA when he arrived. So so nice to see JM all smile despite the tiredness.

At the fan meeting last night many suspected that he's not feeling well. He actually coughed several times on stage. But despite that, he still managed to entertain fans very well and give the best fan service.

Thanks Marvie for sharing here.

Credit : connie@PJMIFC/SS501 Baidu

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Anonymous said...

aww our JM is sick? T_T
you really wouldn't know it from these photos. he always shows his best smile for the fans, no matter how tired or down he's feeling. so admirable.
and from the fancams, JM still sounds great even with a cough. ^^
going from Korea to Thailand to Hong Kong and next to Japan and then Thailand again must be so exhausting. i hope JM gets lots of rest after the autograph session, before flying on Wed for the UN Concert. JM fighting!