Thursday, April 28, 2011

[Screencaps] Jung Min @ TVK「ありがとッ!」04.28.11

Jung Ming guested today in Japan's TVK「ありがとッ!」Thanks to SSmakiko for tweeting the link to the post on her blog in

Since yesterday, Jung Min has been busy in Japan promoting his album. Next week he will be back in Thailand for the fan meeting.

Here are some screencaps from today's show.

Btw, did you noticed that he still has that finger support on his pointy finger? According to the interview in Japan, when asked how he got insured, he said that he fell down in Hong Kong. He didn't elaborate where but I guess some of you would have already guessed.

From the tweet of peacejerry just now, next week in Thailand, Jung Min will have stricter security as requested by his agency to the organizer to avoid another incident that happened in HK.

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