Sunday, April 24, 2011

[Vids] Park Jung Min @ HK FM 04.23.11

Had a good time last night at Jung Min's fan meeting. He once again made me giddy so much which in effect he is stuck in my mind again. Anyway, will do fan account later, I will just share with you these videos shared by and , respectively.

Please do understand that security at the venue was so strict. It is so difficult to take photos and videos because venue is small, theater style and elevated nd securities were all over. You could imagine how security could easily spot someone with a camera and I commend these takers for having the guts to capture Jung Min singing 'Do You Know' and ''Tong Hua'' 童话.

Thanks as well to Josi3 for tweeting.


Anonymous said...

"Tong Hua" fancam by cloverfiona18:

thank you to all the TS sharing their fancams! JM really makes me melt. i love his singing so much. <33333

Jennifer said...

Jung min sang "Tong Hua". Wow, it's my fav song too. I love how he sang it.

Thanks for sharing the videos. :)