Sunday, April 24, 2011

[Vid] Hyun Joong @ FC Men Soccer Match Highlight Scene 110424 by SSTV

Thanks again Marvie!

I wonder how they are feeling playing with these women. As I see it they're playing like they're are playing with men. ^^ Again, let me repeat Hyun Joong is looking great with his short hair.

Credit : SSTV


Anonymous said...

well, at first i think the same too (how they fell when playing against woman...?), but i believe it'll be more embarrassing if they lose against the women team, the media especially netizen may create a negative comment such as "they cant even win against woman, why bother playing"... and also, some of them will be making comeback soon(KHJ), world tour(JYJ), so maybe they are just giving their best to enjoy their game before they will become busy again...

Anonymous said...

In competitive sports ,players cannot make exceptions on the basis of gender nor age . That is why ,it is important to have the match on same level.

I have reservations regarding playing with opposite gender even of similar abilities. Men have testosterone 10x higher than women when they are in competitive games. Although games can be won by strategies and not by brawn power alone but still there can be devastating physical contact results . That is why sports have separate divisions for Male and Female.

The range of age of FC menwho played are from 34 (Park Geon Heong who appeared in Kingdom of the Wind as second lead to Song Ill Guk of Jumong fame) to 22 years of age (Gikwang of Beast).It looks like the girls are dongsaengs to the hyungs of FC Men.Hahaha it really would be embarrassing for FC men to lose to their opponents.