Wednesday, June 15, 2011

[Article] BYJ to create new idol group under KeyEast

I think that Hyun Joong must have influenced about creating a new idol group. Also, JYP, Kim Soo Hyun and Dream High have inspired him to think about expanding to music.

Read more about this from the article translated by VITALSIGN on AKP.

Btw, It has been BYJ's dream to create an academy/school for entertainment arts (he has mentioned this even before knowing KHJ. I'll try to look for that article later). He must have been planning this (entering to music) for long. For those who do not know BYJ, he's the kind of man who does not just go into business without intensive planning. He has capable team who does this for him and his also always on top of everything.


[News] Bae Yong Joon to debut his own male idol group next year
Source : Star Today via Naver
Courtesy of VITALSIGN / AllKPop

Hallyu actor Bae Yong Joon has announced that he’ll be debuting his own male idol group under Key East Entertainment.

Representatives of Key East revealed, “We are currently in the process of picking the members. We have yet to finalize the exact number of members, as well as what their musical style will be.”

Bae Yong Joon previously worked with SS501’s Kim Hyun Joong for his “Break Down” solo debut, and Kim Hyun Joong even went on to praise him at his own showcase, saying, “Bae Yong Joon diligently studied music.”

Due to Bae Yong Joon’s stature in the entertainment industry, representatives are wondering if he’d be able to compete against Lee Soo Man and SM Entertainment. Because he’s already announced that he’ll be expanding into the music industry, and has partnered with JYP Entertainment for the popular drama series, “Dream High“, some are speculating that he’ll be working even closer with JYP Entertainment for this new debut.

One industry representative said, “As opposed to competing against other music labels, Key East will be using their international advancement experience to get ahead, which gives more than enough opportunity for their idol group to succeed.”

The group is expected to debut by next year at the earliest.


Anonymous said...

Why do have a funny feeling about this? I like BYJ and KeyEast has been good to KHJ. But... First KeyEast put KHJ in Playful Kiss, then BYJ created Dream High. Then KeyEast release KHJ's 1st Solo, right away there's a news about creating a new boyband. I'm starting to see a pattern. I don't mind they create a new boyband, but couldn't they wait until at least KHJ finished his promo for his album before releasing the news.

Anonymous said...

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czakhareina said...

@ anon 9:46
i personally think that its the right time to release a statement about this. especially since hyunjoong is actively promoting, this creates the anticipation about the rookies that will be hoobae of hyunjoong. and also the fact that dream high Season2, is in the works is an opportunity to introduce these new talents, cause I bet these rookies would have a part in Dream High.

and releasing a statement about this new group doesnt affect Hyunjoong's promotion, to my way of thinking. it actually makes me anticipate how HyunJoong is and will be as a sunbae to these guys, cause I can honestly guess that he would mentor and advise these guys personally.

wonder how his 4D mind would advise them in creating an aura, charisma, sensation to fans. Hmmmnnn reminded me of when they visited Ast'1 practice room, that was hilarious, can only guess he would be a cool Sunbae saying "just show them the best side of you..." or maybe say "always love and take care of your fans cause they would love and care for you in return"...

I dont think I have said this enough liezle but i do love your blog!!!
and thanks so much for all these news...

PS: Find it so interesting that though I am HyunJoong fan, I am fast becoming a yonsama fan from visiting this blog of yours and reading the blogs and articles backwards...

Anonymous said...

i dont get key east - i thot they didnt take in all of SS501 because theyre an acting company primarily - now he wants to make a new idol group? wouldnt a sunbae idol group fare better in the market and have less training costs and not need as much promotions that the rookies will need because theyre already well known? why couldnt they just take all 5 members and make SS501 their idol group ?? dont get me wrong - im glad the members are doing solo activities and showing us their own indiv styles but honestly they could have also done that if they were in the same agency too - and it would be easier to coordinate once they want to do an album as a group also ... sighhhh idk

ces said...

hi liezle,

totally agree with you about YJ as the kind of man who doesn't go into something without much preparation. and as you've said, he had this dream that goes way back 2005 or 2006 I think. he mentioned it in one of his interviews and one of his friends mentioned it in the book Ways to Love Yonsama.

i think they have already selected this group before the final production stage of dream high coz remember originally, they were planning to put unknown personalities in Dream High specifically to create new idols but in the end they decided to cast existing idols instead.

@anon 9:46
Dream High was already in production stage before KHJ was offered the role in Playful Kiss. The collaboration of BYJ & JYP was already decided early 2009.

i agree with you that this is the right time for keyeast to announce this new idol group. probably they will be cast in Dream High 2. and yeah, it will definitely not affect HJ in any way.

im glad you're starting to like YJ. like liezle, i had been his fan for years now. he's really an admirable person, makes me want to be like him on how he lives his life, his hardwork, his humanity and his humility. according to his friends, despite his success, he's still the same YJ they know from the time he debuted.

@anon 12:06
the SS501 members wanted to pursue their solo careers. if they had planned to stay together as a group, im sure that not only Keyeast but many agency would have offered them a contract as a group. Keyeast did not in any way say that they are just an acting company.

Anonymous said...

to anon 12:06

BYJ doesn't go the easy way. he always choose the rough way of doing things. starting from scratch and slowly molding it into a great masterpiece. he likes challenging himself. that's how he works.:)

czak_reina1 said...

@ Anon 12:06
though I get some of you frustration. I personally dont agree with your debate of Keyeast debuting new idol group VS signing in all SS501.

I personally think that the members being in different company is the best choice for them.
being in different companies you can see how much they have grown individually and you can see that their career is being taken care of much more specially.
that had always been one of my issues with DSP, they promoted Hyunjoong more than the others, resulting in high discrepancy in their individual Exposure and popularity. They had Hyunjoong promote shows and dramas until he fainted due to exhaustion.

anyway though I agree that their solo careers could have been easily done in one company successfully, I also think if they (SS501) had that safety Zone of being in one company and always reuniting as SS501 anytime, that would make them seem and feel like any other idols out there. am i making any sense or not...? i don't know how to explain this more...hahahaha

I actually started to take notice of him since I heard how much KE is really taking care of hyunjoong, after he signed in to KE. I started to really get interested when more news are coming out with KHJ and BYJ. but now after strong heart phone call, i was sold. i like him. then I started reading liezle's past blog and i am seeing similarities between him and KHJ, and me LIKING him so much now...

Anonymous said...

to above czak_reina1, thanks your opinion and agree to most of them EXCEPT one point in the second paragraph: DSP didn't promote hyunjoong more than other boys on their own will. This is because the all the media in Korea wanted HYUNJOONG to appear in their shows because KHJ is so much wanted by the audience. Mr Lee of DSP even took him to the Pres. Cheon's bd party. Why did he do? Because he wanted to show off KHJ to people.
If you were a pres. of DSP, what would you do in that situation?