Wednesday, June 15, 2011

[Vid] Hyun Joong @ KBS Open Concert 06.14.11 by HSScandal

I was just about the log off when I saw this tweet from hsscandal86.

Last night Hyun Joong was at the KBS Open Concert and of course many fans were there to cheer for him and give him support. Here's a video nicely taken by HSScandal and shared on their site as well as YT channel of .

Now, I've break it down... down... down... as my last song syndrome and sexy Hyun Joong doing that pelvic thrust stuck in my head.


Anonymous said...

He's such a great performer!!! Wish I could see him Live.

Anonymous said...

Wow every variety shows wants him.The whole of june will be hyunjoong exposure.He invested well with the time and money to produce this image/mini album for his first solo.Well done hyunjoong.

Wondering if the orchestra members remember him during love ya with the rest.

Anonymous said...

I am so glad to see this. He sounded pretty good live in this video. Hope others see this and leave him alone now.

Anonymous said...

well done leader...u have shown so much improvement..and ur hard work paid off..cant wait for his new album..

pengfoo said...

I caught 'Let Me Go' on another comeback stage. Hyun Joong was awesome! The song was perfect
and HJ was the consummate performer!

His vocals soared and his diction and pronunciation was true and crystal-clear. It's a vindication at the very least- this guy can sing!!!!
This performance puts paid to all doubts.
... and his dancing? Personification of perfection in motion! Ahhhhh... just blows you away with every move and he can move like none other .
If anyone still doubts go check it out for yourself and ride the wind cos it's going to blow you away!!!

Anonymous said...

Another fan cam from Perfect

Anonymous said...

Totally agree to 1:26 Pengfoo. Hyunjoong's performance including singing and dancing, diction, pronunciation is so great that nobody can doubt about it. Hyunjoong, go go fighting!!!! Always will be behind you, watching and praying for you, my leader.