Monday, June 06, 2011

[Article] Foiled Disguise of Hyun Joong

With that look and stance it would really be difficult for a female not to easily identify Hyun Joong in whatever disguise he’ll do. In yesterday’s episode of Running Man, only Ji Hyo was able to identify (twice) Hyun Joong amongst the customers and staff of Kyobo. Female antenna at work for sensing handsome man around. ^_^

Here’s an article that I lifted from the post of xiaochu on Quainte501. Much thanks to kelemama for translating the article on their 501wangja blog.


[News] 'Running Man' Kim Hyun Joong, Transformed into Book Shop Employee but 'Unable to Hide His Good Looks'
News Courtesy TVDaily + Xiaochu + (eng trans)

"Running Man" super guest appearance Kim Hyun Joong speed transformation into a book shop employee.

Aired on 5th "Running Man", in order to complete his mission successfully, Kim Hyun Joong disguised himself as a book shop employee to hide himself.

Though Kim Hyun Joong used an apron, black-framed glasses and a hat to camouflage but his small face and absolute good looks are not able to be concealed. With this, Song Ji Hyo with her eagle-sharped eyes was able to identify Kim Hyun Joong.

Song Ji Hyo ran after Kim Hyun Joong but Kim Hyun Joong already noticed her and quickly moved away, escaping from a crisis.

Viewers responded with "If the employees are like Kim Hyun Joong, I will read books everyday", "Wants to work together with Kim Hyun Joong" after watching it.

Meanwhile, today's SBS TV 'Good Sunday ~ Running Man' broadcast of 'Insider Spy' episode has brought laughters to viewers.


Anonymous said...

Hyun joong was so funny in this epi. of Running Man. I was laughing non-stop. It was nice to see him smile and laugh esp. when the big guy (jong kook?)pushed him. He fell on the floor and was laughing so hard. He was enjoying himself. He looked so adorable as well. Even with many people around, HJ shines. Nobody can beat him in looks.

Anonymous said...

Hyun Joong is so cute in this epi.
Love him so much.

takeshi said...

for this episode, i laugh really hard!! i'm quickly absorbed during the chase since it's nerve wrecking! Hyun Joong and Haha were the most awesome partner ever! as expected, ji hyo wasn't called Ace for nothing.. even Mong jihyo like handsome guy.. hehehe