Monday, June 06, 2011

[Article] Young Saeng and Park Ju Hyun's Inkigayo Performance

I am quite happy that through Young Saeng's album he's able to help an up and coming singer recognized (though I read that others are not liking her to be performing together with Young Saeng on stage). She's actually a beauty and quite a rapper (for a female). As written earlier, she’s also from B2M and being groomed to be a member of a soon to debut girl group.

Young Saeng's performance yesterday in Inkigayo has caught the attention of Newsen writter that he/she has to write an article about the performance of YS and Park JuHyun. Read the article below shared by xiaochu on Quainte501.


[News] Superior Visual Image Heo YoungSaeng - Park JuHyun ‘Fantasy Harmony like Lovers’
Credits : newsen + (English Translation) xiaochu @


SS501’s lead vocal, Heo YoungSaeng, who has debut as solo singer and Park JuHyun, who was featuring in his performance, attracted much attention with their superior visual image.

Heo YoungSaeng had a great performance of his title song ‘Let It Go’ from his solo album at SBS ‘Inki Gayo’ broadcasted on 5-June.

On this day, Heo YoungSaeng wore his trademark sunglasses, a white glove on one hand, matching with a sky blue suit, proofing himself to be the suit terminator representative in the music scene. Sitting beside him is Park JuHyun who is tall, and possesses a sexy charisma and husky voice. Above all, she caught attention with her natural composure like a lover with Heo YoungSaeng.

‘Let It Go’ is a song which expresses the different method of love between a guy and gal, and matches very well with Heo YoungSaeng’s unique refined beautiful voice. The song was completed with the sensual rap by Park JuHyun who expresses the female’s inner thoughts on asking for the love to be expressed.


kelly said...

Not sure why some people don't like her. I think she is pretty and charismatic. Acually they really look compatible :-)


Anonymous said...

I don't have anything against the girl and if YS is ok for her to join him on stage and in this song, then so be it. I must admit though that initially, I didn't like it as this was supposed to be all about YS going solo. YS's stage became the debut stage for the girl as well. But if YS is ok with it, them I am also ok with it.

kelly said...

YS is senior in the company and a generous guy.

Saw on twitter that he just fed the Goong's crews and cast pizza today before they go to Japan. Sometimes I get worried if they will still be able to fit their clothes with all these food from fans and frens :)

Anonymous said...

yeah KyuJong just twitted, Young Saeng brought Pizzas and drinks for Goong's crews and stars..!! I admire his deep friendship with KyuJong and his co-workers!