Monday, June 13, 2011

[Article] Hwanhee Congratulates Hyun Joong

Some of you already know that Hwanhee (formerly Fly to the Sky) is under KeyEast as well. It's on the news today that he sent flowers to Hyun Joong during his showcase to wish him on his solo debut. Here's the news which I lifted from Soompi from the translation of goldbeater. Thanks!

Btw, it was earlier reported the Hwanhee was supposed to make a comeback too (same month as Hyun Joong) . Not sure what happened but I am also looking for ward to his comeback and stage. He's voice is just amazing.


[News] Hwanhee Congratulates Kim Hyun Joong on His Solo Debut
Source : TV Report via Nate
Courtesy of goldbeater / Soompi

Former FTTS (Fly to the Sky) member Hwanhee recently congratulated SS501 Kim Hyun Joong on his solo debut. Kim Hyun Joong debuted with '"Break Down."

The photo was revealed on an online community board entitled: "The sender Hwanhee is good looking, the receiver Kim Hyun Joong is good looking. Celebrating the release of his solo album."

However, there had been an error in the wording of the wreath. On one side it said, "The sender is handsome, Hwanhee." But netizens believe that the flower decorating man had mistaken the wording by writing "Hwanui" instead of "Hwanhee." (similar wording in Korean).

Regarding the gift, netizens replied: "Hwanhee is overflowing with sense." "I wish Hwanhee quickly made a comeback too." "It's good to see he cares for his 'little brother."

source: nate

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Anonymous said...

I'm one of those awed by Hwanhee's powerful voice and dancing.He is a good actor ,too .But compared to other performers he seemed to receive the least promotion . I was hoping that since he is with KE he should be given a high profile ,too after all the man is really talented.

I can just guess that perhaps he agreed to postpone his comeback to give way to KHJ and to support him as well.That is good on his part .

I wish him the best and looking forward to his comeback MV and album .