Tuesday, June 14, 2011

[Vid & Pix] Young Saeng in Chin Chin Radio 06.13.11

Pix Young Saeng was the guest in Chin Chin radio FM4U in MBC last night. I tried watching but wasn't successful to join the live streaming in Mini. Anyway, thanks though to for uploading this cut on her YT channel. Thanks as well to rmdkdl for the video and to HYSmystyle for the tip.

Young Saeng so cute singing "Let It Go" with his cute smile. For his second song I am not sure of the title, is it "This Summer"? If I am wrong please correct me. ^^

Below are official photos from No Hong Chul's Bestfriend lifted from SBS website which I lifted from Baidu.


Sudal said...

Link for Last summer
Original by Kang Ta H.O.T
Reup: Sudal


A.L.I.C.I.A said...

Nawh he's so cute. Who are those girls?? Isn't this show usually hosted by Taeyon of snsd. I can't tell from the pic.

Anonymous said...

Heavenly voice + melting smile... love him so MUCH!

Anonymous said...

on the first pic, i'm like "i don't like his hair". but on the second one, Oh My! my heart just melted, and i'm stucked to the picture. i cannot move my fingers to scroll down.. ^^ haha

thanKYU tp you Liezle and to your sources!! :D

Anonymous said...

Missing YS's angelic voice!!!! SWEET!