Friday, June 10, 2011

[Article] Kim Hyun Joong: ‘I Want to Appeal as Strong Man’

[Article] Kim Hyun Joong: "I Want to Appeal as Strong Man"

Article Credit : KBS Global

Singer Kim Hyun Joong, who will release his first solo album entitled “Break Down,” said, “Bae Yong Joon gave me positive advice on my album.”

“I was just an idol when I held activities as a member of SS501, so I wanted to reveal my grown-up appearance as a strong man when I decided to debut as a solo singer.” Kim Hyun Joong (25)

Singer Kim Hyun Joong, who debuted as a solo singer by releasing his first solo album entitled “Break Down,” held a press conference and a showcase at Jang Choong Gymnasium on June 7 and expressed his feelings. He introduced the concept of his new album, saying, “I am 26 years old in Korean age and it is still young to be classified as a grown-up man. I am actually not a type of macho man, but I just wanted to present a difference appearance not as an idol but as a man.” He had already experienced album production when he was a member of a group and he also participated in producing his album this time. He explained, “I visited America last year in June to find out my own songs, and I actively presented my own opinion when creating a dance performance and making a music video."

I have tried to deviate from my previous image in SS501 and tried to improve my performance and make the impact of the performance much stronger. I wanted to be evaluated as "He is a real man’ and ‘He can sing a mature song." As he already explained, his title song “Break Down” is a dynamic dance song with a strong beat and sound focusing on Kim Hyun Joong’s splendid dance performance. Rapper Double K participated as a featured artist. Kim continued to explain his album, saying, “People might have been curious about Kim Hyun Joong’s style in the first solo album. When I chose the title song, I agonized between ‘Break Down’ and ‘Please,’ and I chose ‘Break Down’ because I want to present a cool dance performance in the hot Summer. Romantic songs with sweet lyrics such as ‘Kiss Kiss’ are also included in my album.” The music video for the title song was unveiled during the showcase, and it also revealed Kim Hyun Joong’s Strong Image. He appeared as a muscular man with a dark and powerful image in the music video. Kim Hyun Joong said, “I made a promise with my physical trainer to work out for 100 days, and I became very nervous when 50 and 70 days passed, so I worked really hard since then. I also trained to strengthen my physical ability for a better performance as a solo singer while working out and playing soccer.” The fact that his album was the first album since he had moved to his new agency Keyeast, in which Hallyu Star Bae Yong Joon is the largest shareholder, raised more anticipation. Kim said, “Bae Yong Joon suggested I study music more, taking this chance, and he had showed any good music or dance video he came across to me. He actively supported my album production by checking videos filming my dance performance. And Bae, who has a talent in taking pictures, suggested shooting my album jacket photo. He seemed to study producing music albums as a representative of an agency. I really appreciated his advice and I am also very satisfied with the support from my agency.”

Among the members of SS501, he was the fourth member who came to debut as a solo singer. He frankly revealed that he was feeling pressure, saying, “When I looked at the other members who debuted as a solo singer, I realized that the title of “former member of SS501″ could not guarantee an easy way as a solo singer. I had to do everything by myself, and I tried to overcome myself with more practice whenever I felt difficulties. I had poor breathing and pronunciation, so I practiced reading books and newspapers while biting a cork in my mouth, and I could hit notes that I could not hit before by practicing.”

He mentioned Seo Tai Ji as his role model. He said, “Even though he sang different genre songs from me, he is still my role model as a singer. As for actors, there are many actors whom I respect, but now the actor Seol Kyung Gu, who is living in the flat below me, suddenly comes up into my head.” With the showcase held on the same day, he began his activities as a solo singer in earnest. Kim said, “Jang Choong Gymnasium will go through remodeling, and I will be the last singer who performs in this place before the remodeling. I will present a splendid performance during my showcase.” He revealed confidence and talked about his future plans, saying, “After I moved to my new agency, I had not held many performances, so I will actively perform at home and abroad from now on. I will begin holding fan meetings from August in Asian countries, and I will hold an Asia concert tour after I release my second album at the end of September. I have already begun working on my next album. You will be able to see my activities more as a singer and not as an actor this year.”


Anonymous said...

wow... he's working on another album already? is that why he changed it from a full album to 2 mini albums? he really does put a lot of time and effort into his works.

laura said...

I have nothing but respect for him. I honestly hope all of his dreams come true.

Let's keep growing as he grows into a fine man in front of our eyes ...

Anonymous said...

why do they keep writing “former member of SS501″?! ><*

and when HJL said he looked at the other members and realized it "couldn't guarantee an easy way as a solo singer", it sounds like he's saying they didn't do that well. =/

i understand article misquotes, but it seems like HJL is the member that most often needs defending/correcting from fans. i don't know Korean, but is it just the translation or just the way he talks that makes reporters misunderstand him and make him sound flippant, and sometimes almost dismissive of SS501 ("just an idol as a member of SS501").

Anonymous said...

He doesn't need defending and his thoughts and views don't need corrected or explained. He says what he thinks but mistranslations do happen because sometimes there is no English word or phrase for what he says in Korean. Also it can come across a whole lot different on paper than it does when it is spoken. Some just jump to the worst possible conclusion when it comes to Hyunjoong. It's not fair to him. He has always been upfront and honest that being an idol was not what he originally planned for himself but he also says that while he didn't like being a dance singer at first he came to greatly appreciate and like it. He just had other ideas for what he wanted to do with his music and he has every right to pursue those ideas. Besides they all wanted to try going solo for awhile not just him. He is working just as hard as the other members and deserves all the support of SS501 fans.

As for the 'former SS501 member' comment, that's the media that keeps saying that. I guess they don't know how else to say what they are doing. I guess they could say 'SS501 member who is temporarily working on his solo activities' but that sure is a mouthful.

Anonymous said...

He said former member cause that's how he feels. At lease he's starting to tell the truth now.

Anonymous said...

@Anon 9:29 AM - It is blatantly obvious you are the same person posting that nonsense over and over. Please get a life.

Bbwaki said...

Well, it's good that he has full suport from his agency. Everybody has the right to pursue his/her dream. I wish him luck.

Lol @ some comments. Grieve, doubt, and hate are very unhealthy for the body. Why would one hanging on to a certain unreliable thought and make a foul of oneself over and over again???...

pandora501 said...

I actually like this current Hyun Joong article better than the other ones I've come acrossed with. It's more informative.

'“When I looked at the other members who debuted as a solo singer, I realized that the title of “former member of SS501″ could not guarantee an easy way as a solo singer' — this sentence coming out from HJL could be taken into any context(the beauty of language... and interpretations). How the fans think the other 3(JM/HJB/YS) fared well on their first solo albums could cloud our judgement on HJL's words. Personally, I only read it as, 'Well, I'm the 4th SS501 to come out solo, so I better show more than what they've already shown to do better.'

Anonymous said...


Yah at least he is telling the truth that he wants to go solo but he also said he does not want to disband.He wants to have the manly image and wants to do away the idol image what wrong with that.He didnt plan to go solo without consulting the rest you know.All of them agreed that they have grown matured and need to find their own colour.

Anyway if you are sooo angry that SS501 are currently not together i suggest that why dont you prepare yrself to welcome new idol group thats preparing to debut veery soon and rave about it in another blog instead of being a parasite glad hyunjoong hates bugs and pest so do we.

Anonymous said...

KHJ has mentioned in his letter during his solo showcase that for the past year, he has seen fans misunderstood and fought. He felt helpless. If we had seen some fancams, he even cried while talking about it. So, let us (be it Henecians, Triple S or both) not fight any more because this will hurt him further. All he and his SS501 members wanted is to pursue their dreams as singers and musicians. Let us continue to support him and the other SS501 members in their solo career. Even if there is no comeback from SS501 in the future, we know that there was once this group of young men who has brought many joy and happiness in our lives. And I believe that, they themselves will not forget that they were once part of SS501 and will forever be. It is SS501 which has paved the way for them in their solo career. And during the past 5 years as SS501, I don’t think the friendship can be over just because they walked different paths now.

Let’s us (Henecians and Triple S) unite as one to support the five of them.

Anonymous said...

Anony. 9:29, we feel happy by supporting the boys. Why bother yourself saying nonsenses/useless words? As someone above said, why don't you find another boyband you'll be satisfied? There are always some who speak ill of khj....but most of us know the TRUTH how fine and beautiful he is IN and OUT... khj deserves only all the love and support from us by all means.

Anonymous said...

He is my least bias, but I can say he is the most honest about everything.
IMO he means that the competition is very harsh these days. For proof, JM, HJB, and even YS couldn't win any music programs (I still hold grudge for that. For me their albums are amazing. This is not completely biased). When they sing as ss501, they can win any programs easily.
I think that standing on his own feet is very difficult compared to being in a group.
We should stop questioning their every moves and words. Just support them for the best!

Anonymous said...

KHJL said, 'When I looked at the other members...'. If he were totally going solo and not coming back to SS501, he'd have said, 'When I looked at my FORMER members...', see the difference? Don't make a mountain out a molehill, please, as the saying goes.

Anonymous said...

He has always been transparent. It is up to the fan to impose their wishes on him or not. For him and the rest of the gang, they chose solo careers.

My thoughts -- Relying greatly on his being a SS501 member means putting too much pressure on the might of his loyal fans -- the TS.

So he wants to do better - widen the fanbase which will then be converted to TS. This has always been his mission as a Leader. A lot of those biased with the other members were originally captured by the charisma of Leader.

So who benefits in the end? Definitely SS501 and TS.

Too bad, too many doubtful TS.

Anonymous said...

Think about the high energy routines he is trying. That requires a lot of hard work in terms of body building and stamina and dancing while singing. Put the other SS501 members in that discipline. They might hate Leader for putting them outside of their comfort zone.

So this album is hyun joong's dream. Let him have it. Soon he will be back to singing chorus and back-up, which he doesn't mind. No, he never was a selfish guy. Gave in amusingly even if his part in deja vu was taken by another.

Now the members are out somewhere being busy busy busy and enjoying their efforts. But Hyun joong has a different perspective of how they should fare. Won't take it against him.