Thursday, June 09, 2011

06.09.10 S/Tweet Treats

Thanks again to xiaochu for consolidating and translating another set of long tweets on Quainte501.

If Hyung Jun sent us series of tweets with photos yesterday, today, it's Young Saeng's turn. Check out his tweets with photos of him


[Trans] 06.09.10 S/Tweet Treats
Korean to English translation by xiaochu @

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2011-06-09 @ 7:45 AM
acehongle Finished the mv (filming) and on the way home, I have no energy left, tired and numbed out

2011-06-09 @ 9:26 AM
Steven_Lee_ @2kjdream Always take care of your health!! Musical daebak!! Hwaiting!!^^

2011-06-09 @ 11:26 AM
MnetMcountdown Today's M-countdown - Born in Korea and grew up in Asia, Kim HyunJoong. Proof pic of the gifts from fanclubs from 5 country, showing his high popularity! Kim HyunJoong comeback broadcast will be tonight at 6pm through Mcountdown #mnet_

2011-06-09 @ 4:23 PM
HyungJun87 Someday you'll know

2011-06-09 @ 5:06 PM
HyungJun87 It will be raining from tomorrow

2011-06-09 @ 5:08 PM
HyungJun87 @lovelyn_twt Noona!

2011-06-09 @ 5:10 PM
lovelyn_twt @HyungJun87 HyungJun-ah!

2011-06-09 @ 5:14 PM
eru_Ndrew After YoungSaeng, it is HyunJoong's comeback today! Well, well, let's give infinite support^^

2011-06-09 @ 5:14 PM
eru_Ndrew Today another member of SS501 "Hyun Joong" is back on da stage!! Shout out his name!! loud as u can^^

2011-06-09 @ 5:57 PM
sohyun1104 @HyungJun87 Oppa... When you come for practice next time, please wear other sports shoes here.... TT TT

2011-06-09 @ 5:57 PM
MnetMcountdown Today's M-countdown - The big run of '12 hours in Mnet', just finished Kim HyunJoong's first solo performance! Now is the start with everyone! Live broadcast shortly at 6pm M-Countdown!! #mnet_

2011-06-09 @ 6:09 PM
uridoori @HyungJun87 Strive on. pat pat...!!!

2011-06-09 @ 6:44 PM
HyungJun87 Incredible

2011-06-09 @ 6:49 PM
HyungJun87 Thank you to all the staffs who worked hard till this morning. It is the start now.

2011-06-09 @ 7:17 PM
acehongle @HyungJun87 Ho, incredible, I just woke up now

2011-06-09 @ 7:52 PM
jjjjjin2yo @HyungJun87 Kim HyungJun incredible!! heehee

2011-06-09 @ 9:15 PM
MnetMcountdown Local and overseas fans who are here with us at Mcountdown today! Be happy till next week~ Thank you ^__^ RT @MnetKR: Seugoi~Seugoi~ Really alot of overseas fans came to watch Kim HyunJoong at Mcountdown today. Center of Hallyu, Welcome to Mnet ^^

2011-06-09 @ 10:21 PM
mystyle1103 Looking at my photos..keke when was this~~

2011-06-09 @ 10:27 PM
mystyle1103 keke When I was really baby~~ so fresh~~

2011-06-09 @ 10:30 PM
wndks1116 @mystyle1103 Hyung, I thought it was my baby photo, smile is exactly the same keke

2011-06-09 @ 10:48 PM
sek0505 @mystyle1103 kekekekekekekekeke

2011-06-09 @ 10:48 PM
jjjjjin2yo @mystyle1103 Really baby kekeke

2011-06-09 @ 11:22 PM
p_joo @mystyle1103 (Fresher) than this time ? kekekekekekekekekekekekeke

2011-06-09 @ 11:27 PM
mystyle1103 @p_joo Where did you get such a photo..? - -

2011-06-09 @ 11:32 PM
mystyle1103 Bonus~~keke memorable old photos.. 5 years old?? or was it 6 years old??keke

2011-06-09 @ 11:34 PM
mystyle1103 Have I uploaded this before?? After fanmeeting with KyuJong ended..Group photo!!keke

2011-06-09 @ 11:36 PM
mystyle1103 New photo!!keke When shooting for a magazine.. side line only kekeke

2011-06-09 @ 11:45 PM
p_joo @mystyle1103 I heard it's given by a fan who wish to remain anonymous keke I said I will take revenge heehee

2011-06-09 @ 11:56 PM
sek0505 mystyle1103 You are indulge in reminiscence???ke


pengfoo said...

Hahaha... YS is so cute in these photos. He is just a big baby!!!!
Those dimples are

yas said...

baby youngsaeng was cute...kekeke

Anonymous said...

sanegie's baby pics are so cute!!