Saturday, June 18, 2011

[FanCams] Hyung Jun's Performances @ Singapore Showcase 06.17.11

You know what? I was actually looking forward to see's fancams of last night and when I check her YT vids are UP. Heaps of thanks Denise for again giving us nice fancams

oH! aH! & Girls

U R Man

Some of the highlights form the fan meeting.
  • Ah Ken was teaching Hyung Jun Singlish
  • Hyung Jun sketched to a Thai fan
  • Hyung Jun chose a Russian fan amongst the crowd and sand I AM to her (from one tweet I read they're intimate. ^^ I want to see a fan cam of this)
  • Vid from SGTS was presented and he was trying not to be emotional
  • After the fanvid he said that he's very thankful and that he feels that he's always at the receiving end.
And from tweets I read, the fan meeting was fun and exciting and Hyung Jun was so adorable

Hyung Jun left Singapore early today.His next stop is Jakarta, Indonesia.


Anonymous said...

I found a pic of Baby with a blonde russian fangirl

It's a shock though Baby also has afan from Russia..

Corrine said...

baby likes blond girls haha, i think he said that before lol. anyhow shes so lucky, i wanna see the fancam too. liezle pls post if you hv it thanks :)

Anonymous said...

agree, corrine..!! I want to wtahc the fancam too...Baby seems liking girls with blonde hair, I wouldn't mind him marrying European girl..Hahaha!

Anonymous said...

did not expect that my photos will be on the Internet