Saturday, June 18, 2011

[Pix] Young Saeng @ MuBank 06.17.11 by Banhada

Here are photos taken by the shutterbug of Banhada of Young Saeng while on stage with Hyun Joong and Artmatic for HJL's encored in Music Bank yesterday and when he left the vicinity. Much thanks to 00lanse for sharing on Baidu.

Here are photos outside of KBS studios as Young Saeng is leaving.


Anonymous said...

hehehe our bad boy prince is really into skull lately - skull t shirt skull beanie :)

Anonymous said...

anon 12:23

Have you watched Heart to Heart ss501 documentary in Japan...? Hyung Jun Baby was wearing a skull hat, at earlier 2007, Baby wore skull beanie.

Not long ago, Liezle posted pics of Jung Min wearing the skull necklace so it's not only for HyunSaeng stuff but all SS501 members are still connecting to each other

Leader was caught wearing the shoes with heart pattern same as Baby's heart pattern t-shirt

This shoes