Saturday, June 18, 2011

More FanCams from Hyung Jun Fan Meeting in Singapore 06.18.11

Much thanks to Slam for tweeting the following links to . Her fancams from Hyung Jun's Fan Meeting in Singapore last night are quite good. Thanks yoonjihoo88!

Yah, how came SG fans are so lucky that they can take photos and videos. Is security not that strict? Anyway, really appreciate everyone for sharing. Even on Twitter there are so many sharings. ^_^


Hyung Jun said "Jungmin?..He's not that cute..not that cute..He's Jungmin..old horse" [thanks to Stephiie4SS501 for the trans in YT]

Hyung Jun performing 'Girls'

Photo of op with 5 lucky fans

Hyung Jun sketching

Hyung Jun 'oH! aH! performance

Interaction with fans and 'I AM' performance

Heaven by Hyung Jun


Anonymous said...

security wasn't even strict from the start! thats why baby could just walk out of the arrival hall slowwwwwly. it should be like this all the time! not like fans will eat them up. security should just mind their business sometimes and take things easy. that way everybody will be happy.

Sue Min said...

Hi Liezle, i went for the FM yesterday and though i heard that no photography and video-taking is allowed during the showcase, but, in the end, the security just came as said " no flash from the camera". so i presumed they aren't that strict:)

liezle said...

Thanks 8:24 and Sue Min.

8:24, agree with you totally. They shouldn't be too strict to the point that it is so exaggerating. By not being strict it'll be less stressful for the security and fans as well. ^^

I am pretty sure you guys had a blast.


Anonymous said...

omg!! all those fan r so lucky. i wish i could have been there.
thanks for sharing
hyungjun fighting!!

slimz1808 said...

Haa,the event did start with them saying not allowed but in the end not much restriction at all ^^ but too bad my cam wasn't that good to capture anything for sharing and despite i got the most ex tic, i was sitting quite far off =(
But i saw alot of fans snapping away, sure got lots to share frm them =D
a rough flow of events:
- MC asked who he wants to work with next, he said beyonce. Fans shouted min & that's when he said min = horse
- MC said quite abit of nice things abt him and he kept giving his typical lauf (if u noe wat i'm talking abt), i wonder if he really understands all that is being said! it feels good to hear him & MC communicating in english. It makes the whole session feels more two-way
- MC taught him SINGLISH (a type of SG man-on-the-street communication style). He picked up pretty fast & used them on the MC
- 1st game was self portrait and lucky fan was from Thai (he greeted her in simple Thai)
- 2nd game was body parts foto-taking wif 5 fans from SG/thai/china/indon in the following order:
- (B)shoulder/(G)knee, (B)hair/(G)thumb, (B)knee/(G)elbow, (B)hair/(G)elbow, (B)elbow/(G)shoulder
- next he randomly took pict with some small girls (really small, think the youngest look maybe around 6-7?). i think they came in ONE whole family. Coz when i was outside the venue I saw them, ONE WHOLE GROUP from the young girls, to old man (mind u, its old man with white hair type and I did see him in the hall. He was sitting a few rows in front of me!)
- MC said he looks like he likes kids and baby replied he wanna have 10 of them (!!)
- last game, instead of picking from the box he picked frm crowd and that's when the Russian girl ended up on stage. She's 18..Somehow she din look very happy or maybe she is more composed as compared to peers her age. Well..Jun asked her to give him a smile in between his song....
- when baby went off stage, MC came on gave out signed posters.
- then he came on, watched TS video and a TS letter written to him was read to him by his translator noona
- TS gave him a trophy and he did his thankyu speech =)
- his last song (before encore) was URMAN! pleasant surprise and the fans were MOST high (i think) during this song.. TRIPLE S spirit in us I tink =D

- Auto graph was for pple holding the most ex ticket and I tink almost all who went were those (SGD188, prob USD 150). He din sign but 'stamped' his name adn there's Hi-5. Baby is after Kyu/Saeng in HKG, the only other of the SS boys I saw up close.
Both he and Saeng looks exactly the same on and off screen - perfect skin! and heeee... we inter-lock during Hi-5! haaaa, which I think he did so with other fans (must say so before u girls come after me!)
Kyu looks (something which many pple said before) even better in person, face ultra small (compared to on screen) & eyes that makes u melt!

well, hope u girls have a chance to see any of the boys in future!

& pardon my half complete sentences here & hope i din bore u to zzz at this late hour (its 4am my time now) =D

Anonymous said...

slimz, thanks for the comprehensive update! i'd be my dream to see kyu upclose one day. i seen jungmin before and actually i think he looks/sounds the same upclose vs. onscreen too! so i guess our boys all look the same in real and on screen!

Anonymous said...

thanks slimz, for some reason the russian girl didn't feel nervous at all when Hyung Jun sang a song for her...