Saturday, June 18, 2011

Music Video Presented by SG TripleS to Hyung Jun 06.17.11

Those who are curious to know what is the video that SG TripleS presented to Hyung Jun during the fan meeting last night, here is the video which was already uploaded in YT channel.

Please post with full credits and do not reupload.

Here's the video where Hyun Joong was intently watching the video presented to him. Then after the video presentation is the reading of the letter which SGTS gave him. It was read in Korean but the video already has English subs. Then check the present given to him.

Thanks to for sharing the video on YT.


Anonymous said...

omg triple s singapore r so awesome!!
did hyungjun cry from being touched?

Anonymous said...

Good job TSSingapore..!!

Anonymous said...

btw there are more his fanmeeting pics in high quality from ThaiTS