Sunday, June 19, 2011

More Pix & Vids from HJB's SG Fan Meet Shared by Fans

I am happy that many fans who attended the SG fan meeting of Hyung Jun are sharing the photos and vids they've taken with me. There are even foreign fans who sent me their unforgettable experience seeing Hyung Jun. Thank you ladies for your thoughtfulness. I wish I was there too to experience the wonderful fan meeting you had with HJB.

First set is from hikaru.t. Thanks for sending tons of photos. I am only posting a few but will give Mediafire link for those who wants to view the rest of her photos. Click HERE to download and view all.

with the Russian fan

at the fan signing

Second set of photos is from Ingrid. She's from the Philippines. She went to Singapore for a vacation with friend and it so happened that her trip coincides with Hyung Jun's FM. She and her friend got VIP tix and were seated on the 3rd row. They were also part of the group who was able to get a Hi5 with Hyung Jun and an autograph poster as well. But according to Ingrid instead of writing on the poster, HJB was given a stamp (for the poster).

I am happy that Ingrid and her friend saw HJB. She has already seen 3 of the 5 members. According to her only Jung Min is the only member she hasn't seen. Well, you'll get to see her too Ingrid, I am pretty sure. And I am sure too that you are also preparing to see all 5 too when the time comes.

Here are photos taken by Ingrid.

And last but not the least for this post, are fan cams taken by yann posted on her YT channel. yann's vidsare quite good too, though she said she missed recording half of U R Man because she got so excited when she heard the song. ^_^ Anyway, much much thanks for sharing them yann.

U R Man

Message from SG Fans

Thank you message from HJB


Anonymous said...

lucky fans! I wish I was there -_-

Anonymous said...

I'm sure everyone probably would prefer an actual signature but him doing a stamp makes sense. He was only their for a limited time and probably had to make sure that everything ended on time.

Anonymous said...

I'm anon@10:48

Forgot to add, thank you to all the fans sharing fancams and pics of this fanmeeting. I love it when he goes to Singapore because I can actually understand the footage.

It looked like it was so much fun. It also looks like his performance style has gotten even better. I think those concerts he had in Japan really helped.

etet said...

Thanks to everyone for their pics, vids, and accounts of the event. Gosh he was really having a great time with everyone... And SGTripleS you gals are FANTABULOUS! You made the event very special....

Loved the interactions with the fans.... thought that he was "going to lose it with the Russian fan"... LOL... looked as if he didn't know what to do at the beginning!!!!

hmmm... wonder what he would have done if it was me, cus I would have gotten up and started dancing with him...hehe...