Sunday, June 19, 2011

[Pix & Vids] Hyung Jun @ 2011 FantastiKpop

I got another email and this time it's from an Indonesian Triple S who represents Triplechangjo Indonesia by the name of jahepop in Twitter. She must have noticed that I don't have much updates with regard to Hyung Jun's appearance in the 2011 FantastiKpop that happened in Jakarta, Indonesia last night. Sorry, guys. Much as I would love to share, I find it sort of difficult to search for stuffs related to the event. Anyway, much much thanks for shoving in my email links to share in my blog.

For starter, let me first share with you this message of Hyung Jun to TS Indonesia before he left for Jakarta last June 17. Much thanks to for sharing in their YT channel

Following now are photos when Hyung Jun arrived in Jakarta on the 18th of June. Now who said that he's not friendly? Following photos didn't say that, right? ^_^ Thanks to 7u7u for the photos.

The following are photos and vids from the 2011 FantastiKpop. For the photos thanks saraholix. .

And these videos are from the YT channel of

oH! aH!


Ending Talk

For fancams...

[FanCam] 110618 FantasticKpopJKT - Kim Hyung Joon - Oh! Ah!

[FanCam] 110618 FantasticKpopJKT - Kim Hyung Joon - Girl

[FanCam] 110618 FantasticKpopJKT - Kim Hyung Joon - 다른 여자 말고 너 - My Girl / I Don't Need Nobody But You

[FanCam] 110618 FantasticKpopJKT - Kim Hyung Joon - Heaven.
--> in the end, there's a moment when Joon took a selca with fans' camera ^^

[FanCam] 110618 FantasticKpopJKT - Kim Hyung Joon - UR Man.


Anonymous said...

Exactly my point. How could you say he wasn't friendly. He just wasn't very energetic because he was tired but he still was polite and nice to the fans. I know we're use to Hyung Jun full of energy but he's going to get tired too. We shouldn't get disappointed but be proud that even when Hyung Jun is tired he still will smile for us.

Anonymous said...

people shd stop using jungmin as a benchmark. becoz if you keep thinking everyone shd be as friendly as mr. fan service you're gonna be disappointed.

Anonymous said...

aigoo~ Hyung Jun looks so tired in the photos,poor baby~
Yup, we must think positively..artist also a human. They can tired and off too~ hwaiting hjb!! We love u, pls take care~

Anonymous said...

I agree to those comments above!

Anonymous said...

baby said that Jakarta is very hot...
He was so cute whes he said that

I know he is sensitive with sun and hot weather...

he is very tired..because no time to rest.

Figthing HJB!!

Anonymous said...

some cute moment when HJB perform in Jakarta..

he took picture of himself with fans camera,and he gave it back..

maybe only that fans get clear HJB's picture than reporter around...