Wednesday, June 08, 2011

[Pix] Hyun Joong @ Golden Fishery 06.08.11

Later tonight at 11:05PM (KST) over at MBC, Hyun Joong will be the guest in Golden Fishery. Here are photos taken from the website of the show.

Thanks to 정민아달려 for sharing the photos on


Anonymous said...

i started hating this show after what they did to baby - i hope hyunjoong will not be made fun of by them

liezle said...

Hi 3:05. I think I know what you are talking about. The one where in HJB guested is just one of the 'corners' (or segments) of Golden Fishery. I think the one that HJL will be guesting is a different one. This one is hosted by Kang Dong Ho.

To know the different corners of Golden Fisher and each concept, you may go to this site >


Anonymous said...

No worry 3:05, Kang Dong Ho is quite fond of Huyn Joong, he wouldn't made fun of him. Not to mention, that tough leader is not that easy to make fun of. I remember Jae Suk once said that leader can answer any kind of question others throw at him.
Can't wait for the translation

Anonymous said...

well yeah..after the show...everything revealed..

is that the purpose of this show??? the place to reveal any secrets behind the stars?
i wonder...maybe Leader think this is the right time??....
really need detail explanations about everything that has been said from the show.