Wednesday, June 01, 2011

[Vid] Jung Min's Photoshoot with Sn@pp

Loads of thanks to for sharing this video in her YT channel. Thanks as well to veggiedelight for the tip.

Video says 05.23.11 and the shoot is for the Scene 2 [Do not want to be a youth] of InStyle so I am not sure if Jung Min had two photo sessions with the photographer because in 05.20.11 they've share photos of Jung Min for Scene 1 [in smoky make up/ The Cut] in their Facebook account. Anyway, was kind of particular about the date because it was mentioned by the writer of the magazine which you can read HERE that Jung Min was running a 40° fever the day before the shoot as well as cervical vertebra movement disorder, which is affecting his neck.

Does he look sick?


Anonymous said...

hm he does look less energetic than usual, especially in his jumps. usually he's exploding with bright energy. poor Minnie. TT

Anonymous said...

Can see that after he jumped, his limbs went all soft and wobbly..

Poor Jung Min...:)

Alex said...

really wants to bring him home to his mum == he doesn't look tired, he looks exhausted!