Sunday, June 19, 2011

[Trans] Young Saeng Left a Message on his Webby!

Finally translation is up. Loads of thanks once again to xiaochu for doing it and sharing on Quainte501.

Just like what what Hyun Joong said, whatever Young Saeng does is always cute. This is just another example of that. Ah, I am already missing Young Saeng.

One thing that makes makes me excited when i read his message is that that he will have more activities in the future. Oh, and I am so looking forward to that already. But I wonder, when he wrote 'future' does that mean in a very near future? I hope so. Like what I wrote in one of my posts yesterday, I hope that Young Saeng and B2M would announce soon his activities in Asia so that we fans can already prepare for it, yah? Hmm, I think we should start asking HyeongJin and YS in Twitter. ^^

Anyway, do read what Young Saeng wrote below and remember to continue to support him, k?

Btw, please leave your thanks to the translator in Quainte501 or here for the hard work. Thanks!


[Trans] YoungSaeng - Greetings to you...^^

Credits : + (English Translation) xiaochu @


Title : Greetings to you...^^

Hello~~ I am YoungSaeng...

Album which took a long time to prepare.. in a way, it seems like it passed fast.. in a way, it seems like it is a long period of activities..
By today, I've finished the activities for my solo album Let It Go..
Initially while working on this album.. I really felt very stressed.. I felt nervous..
It is the first album that will bear the name 'Heo YoungSaeng'..
Because of that, I pay alot of attention on it..
In addition, the company which I belong to now.. is my first album with them..
I felt alot of pressure...

This time, with this album.. the objective is to let people know of the name 'Heo YoungSaeng'..
I think I received more love.. than what I have imagined.. I want to post up a word of thanks sincerely to everyone..

With comeback coming up.. I hurt my hand due to my negligence..
I had to postpone my comeback... and I couldn't show a nice performance, I will apologize for that.. TT TT
Next time, I will do it with my best condition!!! Coming out~~ and show you my great image~~^^

While having my last broadcast program at Inki Gayo today.. I untie the bandage today..
It's alright^^ Because I became alot better.. so it's okay if you don't worry about it now!! ^^
(Hand has recovered.. but it's the last broadcast already~~kekekekeke)

Although it is the last performance for Let It Go album today..
But I will have even more activities in the future..
So please wait for a while more!!^^
Next time when I have my activities... Come even more often than this time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!^-^


ah!! And one more thing!!!!
Some were saying I didn't write messages in official homepage...
Who said to me..
that fans are trainers.....................
You would be undergoing training...^^


Here's original message in hanglul

YoungSaeng - Greetings to you...^^
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안녕하세요~~ 영생입니다...

오랜시간동안 준비한 앨범이.. 어떻게 보면 빠르기도.. 어떻게 보면 길게 활동을 한것 같네요..
오늘로써 솔로앨범 Let it go 의 활동을 마쳤어요..
처음 이 앨범을 작업하면서.. 정말 많이 부담도 되고.. 긴장됐었어요..
허영생이라는 이름으로 나오는 첫 앨범인 만큼..
그만큼 신경도 많이 쓰게 되었구요..
또 지금 제가 몸담고 있는 회사도.. 제가 첫 앨범이었기에..
많이 부담이 됐었어요...
요번에 이 앨범으로.. 허영생이라는 이름을 알리는게 목적이었는데..
생각했던 것보다.. 많은 사랑을 받은것 같아.. 모든분들께 진심으로 감사하다는 말 올립니다..

컴백을 앞두고.. 저의 부주의로 손을 다치게 되어서..
컴백 시기도 미뤄지고... 또 무대에서 좋은 모습 못 보여드린점 사과드릴게요..ㅠㅠ
다음에는 정말 베스트 컨디션으로!!! 나와서~~ 멋진 모습 보여드릴게요~~^^

오늘 인기가요를 마지막으로 방송하면서.. 오늘은 붕대를 풀어봤는데..
괜찮더라구요^^ 저 많이 좋아졌으니까.. 이제 걱정 안하셔도 됩니다!! ^^
(손이 멀쩡해지니.. 막방이라네요~~ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ)

비록 오늘이 Let it go 앨범 활동이 마지막이 되었지만..
앞으로 더 많은 활동 할테니까요..
조금만 더 기다려주시구요!!^^
다음에 활동 할때는... 요번보다 더 많이 오자!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!^-^


아!! 그리고 한가지 더!!!!
공홈에 글 안쓴다고 뭐라 하는데...
나보고 누가 그러더군요..
팬들 조련사라고.....................
당신은 조련 당하고 있는 겁니다...^^


Stephanie said...

So Youngsaeng is reading the fans' comments! Glad to hear that.

Love the last part: I am Fan Trainer, you would be undergoing training..^^

Sounds like some sort of mission..keke

Thanks xiachu for translating and liezle for sharing it ^^

Anonymous said...

This made my day and big thanks to you Lois for the posting! Saengie, we can't let you go... really want to see you have more activities. Love you forever!

kelly said...

Thanks to the translator from Quainte501, thanks to Xiaochu and thanks to liezle for posting it here.

I am missing YS already...sigh...

Heard from his twitter that he is doing a ballad tomorrow in an activity. Wonder what activity it is.

I know he reads fans' messages but he wants to be Fan Trainer? Interesting...

Cute message. Sentimental guy with lots of emotions. I hope he take not just of his hand but his voice and his whole health.

YS, thanks for the wonderful album.


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for the translation..ahh, time really seems only yesterday he made his solo comeback..gonna miss him for sure..YS fighting!!!

Anonymous said...

thanks so much to xiaochu for the translation and to liezle for posting it here.

reading this msg gave me a very warm feeling. i feel youngsaeng's sincerity in each and every word he wrote. and i also feel that i am being appreciated as a fan. its nice to know that even though youngsaeng didn't get any award, we still can feel that he is very much satisfied with all the love he receives from the fans and even saying that he received more love than what he imagined. that alone, gave me a feeling that we as a fan did the right thing of supporting such a down to earth person like Heo Young Saeng.

looking forward to more of his activities in the future. im missing him already!

Anonymous said...

sincere, sentimental, appreciative and witty - what a guy just love this cute otter more and more

kelly said...

For the fan trainer, there was another translation - that YS heard that fans are teachers. And YS say he is currently being trained :)

DeeDee2023 said...

So pleased to see this message from Young Saeng. I am extremely proud and satisfied with his activities for "Let It Go" and I am enjoying the album very, very much. I think he did a terrific job with his performances. He was sooo handsome and sexy and debanear, and he sung beautifully and danced wonderfully. I am going to miss seeing him - I got used to seeing him every day and every week! I will be enjoying seeing Hyun Joong during his actives for "Breakdown" and I hope Young Saeng will show up at Hyun Joong's performances so that we fans can be treated to more "HyunSaeng moments".

Young Saeng, I am extremely proud of you and of what you accomplished with "Let It Go". I look forward to seeing more of you and your activities in the future. Please do not stay away too long, sweetheart! I'm missing you already! And please continue to do well. You deserve the very best in everything, sweetheart!

Hyun Joong, Kyu Jong, Jung Min and Hyung Jun, I am extremely proud of you all too and am very satisfied with your activities. Please continue to do well. I look forward to seeing more of you all in the future too. You all deserve the very best in everything too.

And I want to also apologize from the bottom of my heart to Hyun Joong - I unfortunately was one of the many fans who believed you had deserted your band mates, and I am sincerely sorry for thinking wrongly and badly about you. It's obvious now after seeing your performances last week and how you shared your moments of success with Young Saeng, and also when you and Kyu Jong visited Young Saeng backstage at his debut on the music shows that you have not abandoned your band mates, that you love them very, very much and you support them 100 percent. It's obvious to me now that the five of you are like brothers and will always, always be 5 superstars united at 1. I look forward to seeing all of you back together on stage again someday being the collective superstars you are destined to be.

Hyun Joong, I am so sorry for doubting you. If you ever see this message of mine, please accept my apology. I will be a fan of yours forever, and a fan of Young Saeng, Kyu Jong, Jung Min, Hyung Jun and SS501 forever. Thank you SS501 for being the wonderful angels that you are. God bless you all always.

Chara said...

First, this guy is making me angry... by discussing and rereading it, I can see behind the wall now...

Inner YS speaking was making me confused - guy, you are a handful (to take care off - well this is not my job though)

Anyway: Thanks for saying THANK YOU sincerely. :-)