Monday, November 14, 2011

[Pix] Jung Min in Tux @ Hennessy Artistry 2011 Party 11.12.11

Following photos were lifted from Korean portal who reported on Jung Min's appearance as Korea's representative in Hennessy Artistry 2011 Party that was held in Malaysia on the 12th of November.

According to TV Report, Jung Min's performances from the show draw a lot of attention. Jung Min heated the night by doing the opening show. He did club mixing, shuffle dance and showcased a brilliant performance.

Before the big event on the 12 on November, Jung Min gave over 10 interviews with the media and was very impressive with the Chinese media without any interpreter.

Jung Min went back to Taiwan yesterday afternoon to resume shooting of his Taiwanese drama which will be released early next year. He will be back to Korean soon but he will be busy early part of the year with his Japanese album and Japan tour. After which he will be settling in his home country to do another Korean album then a Korean drama.


Anonymous said...

awww he was supposed to do a korean drama at the end of this year tho - i guess bc angie chai wanted to refilm the scenes and changed the main actress he had to drop his korean drama bc of sched conflicts :(
Im glad hes doing a japanese album tho - he will have great popularity in japan
plus a korean album and a korean drama - his whole year next year is all planned out it looks like ... same with leader ....
i guess the earliest we can prob hope for a group comeback in 2013 then ??
until then SS501 solo fighting !!

Anonymous said...

soo busy hopefully everything goes well(:

tetsu_girl said...

so dashingly handsome~
glad to read all the positive reactions to his performance next to other international artists.
looking forward to his future projects, but not giving up hope that SS501 can do at least a single next year..