Wednesday, November 09, 2011

[Trans] Hyun Joong Encourages Examinees Too

Tomorrow is the 2nd Thursday of November and it means that it is the day for all those going to take the college entrance exam in Korea. And since idols have a great influence and give motivation to some of the students they have been giving messages on their homepage, twitter account, cyworld account and other forms of media to encourage them to do well.

Hyung Jun left a message yesterday on his homepage in which I posted HERE. Today, it is Hyun Joong who left encouraging words for the examinees.

Here's translation of his message lifted from wonderrrgirl's blog. Thanks!


[SS501 Diary] Hyun Joong: 14th Story “……………….”
Source: Keyeast
Translation: Wonderrrgirl /

To all students taking the College Scholastic Ability Test

Daebak for Suneung (Please do well for your test)

Note: 수학능력시험 – (short: 수능 Suneung) is a very important college entrance exam which all Korean high school students have to take in order to get into college in Korea. It is usually called ‘Suneung’, and will be held tomorrow (This exam is held on Thursday on the second week of November every year).


Anonymous said...

Good luck to you àn your Japan tour too.

Anonymous said...

Hyun Joong is so caring. Much appreciated.

Anonymous said...

Love hyun joong's signature! It's so free-flowing and graceful which is a contrast to his handwriting...which is rather, hmm, sedate or neat perhaps, lol! The amazing thing is he invented this signature the day he had to sign his Polaroid photos, where SS501 had their first photoshoot before their debut! I still remember watching that M! Pick episode and couldn't help but marvelled at the cool, calm way he signed while answering the reporter's query about it. Yup, cool KHJL!