Thursday, November 17, 2011

Teaser... Teaser... Young Saeng & Kyu Jong

Two teasers from B2M posted on Kyu Jong and Young Saeng Japanese official websites came out tonight. First video is teaser of Kyu Jong and Young Saeng from 『SEASON'S GREETINGS DOUBLE ATTRACTION』. While the second one is from Kyu Jong's First Step Special DVD. Both teasers include cute clips which are so interesting and making me want to add in my Christmas wish list. Hope my angel is reading this. ^_^

Much thanks to for sharing these videos on her YouTube channel. Likewise, thanks to HappyBoys_SS501 for retweeting the tweet of @penerope10.

Geez, I'd like to see more of Young Saeng with the huge bear and also more clips of him in a pig tail ^^. Yay, and Kyu Jong is so sexy when he's biting his finger. ^^ Ha... ha... and they look so funny with the mustache.


Anne said...

Is that the link where we can buy online? I hope to have this too :) I want to buy kj CDs/DVDs with a secure and trustworthy site.

Slimz1808 said...

I WANT them too!!! Cute, sexy, funny all together!