Sunday, November 13, 2011

HQ Pix of Jung Min During ' Kara Kara' Perf 11.12.11

Much thanks to 00lanse for sharing this high quality of Jung Min from last night Hennessy Artistry 2011 Party which came from This set of photos was obviously taken during Jung Min performance of 'Kara Kara' from the special edition of 'Not Alone'.


Anonymous said...

Jung Min's expression is so intense. I'm waiting for some kind soul to upload a video of this song. Thanks 00lanse for the wonderful pictures and to Liezle for posting.

I wonder why he tie a shirt around his waist.... maybe he's afraid of an accident with his tight pants?

I am so proud of him. Jung Min, take care of your health and have plenty of rest... missed you! fighting!

tetsu_girl said...

ooh yeah that's some really intense musical stage acting right there. \o/

thanks for sharing!

and thanks to the above comment ("maybe he's afraid of an accident with his tight pants?") for making me LOL. XDDD

sinthia said...

The opinion above are soooooo true!! *_____*

Love this perf! That kind of stage suits him a lot!
It's amazing how he gives his everything on stage. ^_^

lexterie said...

the website is not "" :))

I've always loved JM's Kara Kara performances, so far so great :X