Wednesday, November 30, 2011

[Pix & Vids] Young Saeng @ Three Musketeers Curtain Call 11.29.11

Young Saeng had another performance last night at Seongnam Arts Center Opera House as D'Artagnan in the musical 'Three Musketeers'. He again showed to everyone another very charming side of him on stage.

Check the following photos and video from last night's curtain call.

'Three Musketeers' will be on stage until the 18th of December 2011.

First set of photos is courtesy of myloverjwjy

Next set of photos is from murya77

And here are nicely taken fancams.

Thanks to rmdkdl for this video which was lifted from ' YT channel.

This video from BestYS was lifted from the YT channel of . Thanks!

Adding here fancam posted by on YT which came from Madeleine.

Much thanks to veggiedelight for emailing the photos above.


Anonymous said...

beatifull as alway,..^^
Fighting oppa !!!

Liezle ,.Can I ask you something?
I heard some rumor,..
YS,Kyu,nad Baby will attend Gayo Daejun in last December,..

Is that true,.?
thank you so much,..^^

liezle said...

Hi 10:06.

I've read about it but since there is still no confirmation yet from them or from their mgmt companies this still remains to be a rumor. But I am crossing my fingers and toes that this is going to be true.


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much Liezle ^^