Tuesday, November 08, 2011

About Hyung Jun (added vid)

On Hyung Jun's korean official board (http://www.hyungjun.co.kr) he left a message cheering for everyone taking the college entrance exam on the 10th of November.

Here is is a photo of him with a message saying : Cheers for ALL examinees in Korea.

Adding here the recored video message to everyone taking the exam. Thanks to for sharing in YT.

Taking college entrance exam in Korea is such a big deal. From what I read it determines the students' future schools, jobs, and even who they’ll marry someday, that’s why most students start preparing for it even if they’re still in elementary. The college entrance exam only happens every second Thursday of November.

In another note, since yesterday morning, news about Hyung Jun being casted in a drama have been circulating. Today, in many Korean news portals details about the drama are out. According to the articles I read, the tentative title of the drama is 'She's Completely Insane'. It is a 12 episodes drama which we can expect to be shown early next year on KBS' KBS-N cable channel.

According again to the articles I read, Hyung Jun will be playing the charismatic but arrogant star falling in love with another star. According to officials of S-Plus, Hyung Jun is currently preparing for the drama and that we will see the masculine side of him. Currently as well, he is doing some body trainings.

Wow, another one to look forward too in the early part of next year! I am pretty sure Hyung Jun will do well in this field as well.

Hyung Jun, fighting!


Anonymous said...

i miss him!!
Baby <3 u!!
looking forward for his drama!! can't wait!! ^^

tetsu_girl said...

Hyung Junnie, too, fighting!! good luck with the new drama! :D

Anonymous said...

i miss u baby!!!
and i can't wait for your new drama...:)

Anonymous said...

gud luck hyungjun!

ping0119 said...

looking forward to Baby's drama!
and hope he'll stop dieting >_<

sinthia said...

wow I'm just arriving of my trip and get such good news about my baby! eeeeeeeeh!!!! ^^
I'm very happy about this, I'm sure he will be great!
It seems like next year we can wait many things of our beloved boys. <3