Sunday, November 20, 2011

Endulge your Craving for Hyun Joong with these Awesome Pix

Satisfy your eyes with these sets wonderfully taken photos of Hyun Joong during his performances in Sendai on the 12th of November and Tokyo on the 19th of November as part of his 2011 Japan Concert Tour. Much, much thanks to NOMAD and MurdererQ for painstakingly taking these photos and sharing them on their respective websited.

First set is courtesy of NOMAD.

Click each photo to enlarge. ^^

Here is a set of beautifully taken photos from MurdererQ.

And here are just some of the vids of Hyun Joong at the venue or oaripost or during the concert lifted from different sources in YouTube. Thanks to _tomato99 for sharing the links on Twitter.

:: 2011-11-16 Haneda vid courtesy of

:: Hyun Joong leaving Yokohama venue 11.16.11 .Video courtesy of

:: 11.15.11 Hyun Joong @ Hiroshima 2011 Japan Concert Tour. Two vids courtesy of

:: Hyun Joong at Sendai Airport 11.12.11. Video courtesy of

:: 2011.11.10-12 Kim Hyun Joong in Sapporo, Japan Venue. Vid courtesy of

11.12.11 Kim Hyun joong -Sapporo to Sendai. Vid courtesy of

:: 11.09.11 Hyun Joong in Osaka. Video courtesy of


Anonymous said...

wonderful pictures! thanks a lot! At last hte tour is nearly ended.

Anonymous said...

so very happy to see many photos and clips from Hyun Joong's Japan concert tours, thanks!!!
he is just great!!!!

Anonymous said...

Ever gorgeous Hyun Joong. Just love him mucho, mucho.

Anonymous said...

I can never tire of seeing photos and vids of Hyun Joong. Thank you so much for posting . Please keep them coming !

Anonymous said...

leader, wish you all the best!!
love you.

Anonymous said...

Hyun Joong looks sublime in these beautiful pictures. He has just done a long string of concerts almost back to back and is still looking so fresh and handsome. Incredible!
Justifies the description - The Leader and King of hearts.
Always the One and only!

Anonymous said...

leader ^^

Anonymous said...

whats the title of this song that he is singing?