Thursday, November 24, 2011

Jung Min @ Hennesy Artistry 2011 Party

On the 12th of December, Jung Min will be in another Hennessy Artistry Party and this time it will be held at Guanzhou, China.

Ad for this even was out yesterday and a copy has been posted on Baidu.

Just this month, Jung Min was in Malaysia and awed us all with his electrifying performance at the Malaysia Internation & Exhibit Convention Center on the 12th of November when he came out as sexy DJ Park. He show us a different Jung Min by doing mixing and scratching and performed a splendid shuffle dance.

In the coming Hennessy Artistry Party, would Jung Min be doing something different again? Let's all wait and see.

I am shoving here another set of new photos from the Hennessy Artistry Party in Malaysia. This set of photos contain many pix of Jung Min in tuxedo. Thanks to 지금갑니다 for the post on Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

very interesting, so cool..and i just love it!...i'm hoping to be there in 2012! i still have a year to prepare...(fingers crossed!=D)...see you Jungmin at 2012 Hennessy Artistry Party!=D

sinthia said...

He's so mean!! hahaha on the last but one pic, he's standing so close but they can't touch him. xD

wow even the guys were enjoying his performance!! Daebak!! ^^
He's definitively a showman!
Loved that pic that he's kissing the rose... <3

Anonymous said...

It's 10 Dec 11

Anonymous said...

awww! oh yeah, my'll be this year, Dec12..haha..thanks for the reminder and correction...=D

Anonymous said...

all Triple S,..
Please vote Hyun Joong for Yahoo Buzz,..

Micky is leading almost all category,.please make our Leader on the first,.^^

XinLin501 said...

Gyaaahhh Jungmin is becoming more manlier and sexy...and cuter?....aigoo how do I described it...tsk tsk...indeed he is still sexy charisma... ^^

LapinApple said...

this will be another event to be proud of...Jungmin, you're so great! and amazing! and so worldclass! =D

Anonymous said...

mal mal mal

...drool drool drool...