Wednesday, November 09, 2011

[Pix] Kyu Jong @ Gimpo 11.08.11

When I saw this set of photos on Baidu, I told my self that this set has to be posted on my blog. And true enough I am posting the photos from now.

Nice, yah? Love how the shutterbug was able to capture Kyu Jong's wide smile. Hmm, wonder what is making Kyu Jong smile like that.


Anonymous said...

handsome !!!!
handsome ~.~
handsome ^^
handsome :)

danz said...

he deserves all the happiness and love that he's getting right now ^^ there's something about his smile that rubs off my sad face and relaxes my tired mind ^^

thanks once again to those awesome people who never fails to share this wonderful photos.. keep it up guys! woot! woot! ^^